The culture of Cuba

Cuba’s culture is based on the arts, including painting, music and ballet. Though the Cuban government uses the art forms as propaganda, the arts have become a way of life for most Cubans, penetrating their mentalities and enhancing their daily lives.
The Story of Free Cuba

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Title: The Cuban culture
Date: June 9, 2013
Duration: 03:57″
Code: V_2013_1091


The Cuban culture has been promoted toward the society. But also used as currency for governmental propaganda. Art schools, spreading the culture, the culture like a weapon of the revolution are slogans that have remained in the Cuban mentality.

Do you know something about Cuban art?


Well, look, to tell you that there is nothing more important in life than art; and to say art is to say flowers, to say art is to say Martin, to say art is to say women, to say art is to say life, to say art is such a big thing that such a small word cannot limit it, what it should, what it should encompass about what the system of culture is, of the culture.

Do you know something about Cuban art?


Nothing. I am modern. I know nothing. Why do you not know anything? Does is not interest you? Do you know something about Cuban art? Cuban art? Well, it is a very beautiful culture.

The cultural term encompasses in addition to the manner of life, ceremonies, arts, inventions, technology, systems of values, fundamental rights of human beings, traditions and beliefs.


Tell me the name of three Cuban dance companies? The Ballet Litz Alfonso… The, what is it is called? Can you tell me the name of three dance companies of Cuba? The name of three dance companies? The ballet of the Festival of San Juan, of Alfonso, ballet X Alfonso, is it? And Calzada, I do not remember another.


Music is without any doubt whatsoever, what has had the most influence on the Cuban personality. It is said that on the Island, that one speaks singing that one dances while walking and falls in love with a lyric from a song.

Who was the author of Guantanamera? The Guantanamera? Do you know who the author of the Guantanamera was? Joseito Fernandez.


Although the new generations, in great majority, do not know what good theater is or know who their representatives are in the different manifestations of the culture, what is true is that culture gives Man the ability to reflect upon himself.

What is the Cuban theatre company that has the status as the ambassadors of peace? I do not know. What is the Cuban theatre company that has the status of ambassadors of peace?


No, I cannot place it right now, the truth, I do not remember.

It is art which specifically makes of us human beings, rational, critical and ethically committed.

Can you tell me the name of a Cuban painter? Of a Cuban painter? Can you tell me the name of a Cuban painter? Yes. We have Mendive, we have Choco, we have Kcho, we have Kai.


Through culture Man exists. He becomes aware of himself. He questions his achievements and tirelessly looks for new meanings and creates works that transcend them.


And a country without culture would be a country, let us say, I do not know, savage; a country that does not believe in many things; of the importance it has.

Camera: Alexander Riquelme Savigne
Reporter: Yuliesky Sánchez Rodríguez
Producer: Anderlay Guerra Blanco
Director: Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina
Video Rating: / 5

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