The 60+ Year Old Classic American Cars of Cuba – Jan 11, 2013

Here in Cuba on a week long holiday – felt like I was caught in a time-warp .. Cuba is home to over 60,000 vehicles still on the road, from the 40s, 50s (Photos: & early 60s as a result of the American embargo against the country enacted in 1962. Everywhere you look, in the cities & on the highways, you’ll see these classic cars rumbling down the roads …. and most are in pristine condition .. they fix them up, take great pride in restoring them & pass them down through their families.

Going for a ride in a Cuban ’56 Chevy Bel Air:

More videos about the classic Cuban cars:

Autoweek article about the classic cars:

Wiki article about the classic cars:

Cuba “in general”:

The “Special Period” in Cuba:

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