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Sonia Gil takes you through the hills and valleys of one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, The Dominican Republic. Ride shotgun with her on this adventure as you get to take all the beautiful sights and sounds the DR has to offer.

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Quito, Ecuador – 24 June 2013
1. Wide of Carondelet, Ecuador’s government palace
2. Ecuadorean flag flying over palace
3. Wide of people sitting in plaza in front of palace
4. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Mercedes Vera, Quito resident:
“I think he (Edward Snowden) should be helped because people who leave here (Ecuador) receive political asylum in other countries, so it’s good that people get it here also, political asylum.”
5. Wide of street in front of palace
Port-au-Prince, Haiti – 24 June 2013
6. Exterior of Hotel Oloffson, where Baltasar Garzon, former Spanish judge whose legal advice is being sought by Edward Snowden, is staying
7. Zoom in of Garzon carrying baggage
8. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Baltasar Garzon, former Spanish judge:
“At this moment I do not represent the interests of Edward Snowden. I put out a press release saying that first I have to speak to him and study the case, but at this moment I do not represent the interests of Mr Snowden. The press release sent out yesterday explains this.”
9. Garzon walking down hotel steps with baggage
Havana, Cuba – 24 June 2013
10. Wide zoom in to Morro Castle and Havana Harbour
11. Mid of people in street, Cuban flag flying
12. Wide of Old Capitol building with classic cars and bicycle taxi
13. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Zulema Cardozo, Havana resident:
“It would be a problem for us (if Snowden came to Cuba) but if he has a just cause, then it doesn’t matter, we will take on the responsibility.”
14. Wide of Cuban flag flying in wind
15. Various exteriors of Ecuadorean embassy
Confusion over the whereabouts of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden grew on Monday after a plane took off from Moscow for Cuba with an empty seat booked in his name.
Snowden has applied for asylum in Ecuador and was expected to travel there with stops in Cuba and Venezuela.
He has not been seen since he arrived in Moscow on Sunday from Hong Kong.
The founder of the WikiLeaks secret-spilling organisation, Julian Assange, insisted he couldn’t go into details about where Snowden is, but said he was safe.
Snowden has applied for asylum in Ecuador, Iceland and possibly other countries, he said.
An Aeroflot representative who wouldn’t give her name told The Associated Press that Snowden wasn’t on flight SU150 to Havana, which was filled with journalists trying to track him down.
AP reporters on the flight couldn’t see him either.
In the Ecuadorean capital, Quito, on Monday one woman outside the Carondelet Government Palace said she thought Snowden should be given asylum.
“I think he should be helped because people who leave here receive political asylum in other countries, so it’s good that people get it here also,” said Mercedes Vera.
Snowden has requested the legal advice of former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, who is best known for indicting a totalitarian ruler, former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, in 1998, and trying to put him on trial in Madrid for crimes against humanity.
However, speaking outside his hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Monday, Garzon said that at this moment he did not represent Snowden’s interests.
“First I have to speak to him and study the case, but at this moment I do not represent the interests of Mr Snowden,” said Garzon.
Despite Snowden having been expected to travel to Cuba en route to Ecuador, Havana’s government has not publicly acknowledged that he is headed to the Communist-run island.
US-Cuba relations have been strained for more than half a century and while both parties have met recently to discuss migration policies and direct mail service, some citizens are concerned that this new development with Snowden could affect a diplomatic breakthrough.

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Havana, Cuba Trip – May 2016

We were invited by some friends in Cuba for a quick trip and anytime we get a chance to visit Cuba, it’s on. These friends needed some consulting on restaurant ideas so with what knowledge we had, we were happy to oblige.

Chef Hiro was there already, and Gustavo and Charlie went afterwards. There is always so much happening in Cuba is seems; some important, and some not so much.

For instance, Fast and the Furious 8 was being filmed in Old Havana while we where there; they were shooting 8 minutes of this movie, and had been there 3 months already. That sounds insane for such a small part of the movie but it does seem like everyone wants to be there.

Channel also held it’s first ever fashion show on May 3, which we were invited to but didn’t make it due to our plane being oversold. No worries though…they will be heading back to Cuba in the near future for yet another fashion show soon.

The same week we arrived, the first Carnival Cruise also docked in Old Havana. It was a very happy moment for everyone who came off the boat as well as the locals where were there to witness history.

Kim and Kanye were also there the same days we were; we didn’t run into them the same way we did with Katy Perry on our first trip.

There is so much happening in Cuba now that if you get a chance to visit, don’t miss the opportunity.

Thank you so much for watching and see you in our next episode…

VillaMar – Sante Fe, Cuba (Bed and Breakfast)
Pepito Junior – Rising Reggaeton Singer from Cuba
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Conan in Cuba: Cigars, Rum, and 6 Other Segments From His Historic Trip

Conan O’Brien took advantage of the recent thawing of relations with Cuba and did his whole show from the island natiion last night.
He became the first late-night host to do so since The Tonight Show’s Jack Paar interviewed Fidel Castro there 50 years ago. Unlike a lot of late-night hosts who set up a studio and local audience when they take their show on the road, O’Brien opted instead to roam around Havana with a handheld camera crew and not much else.
No televised trip to Havana is complete without a trip to a cigar factory, apparently, and O’Brien made the most of his, jumping on the PA system to address the workers and trying his hand at a hand-roll.

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The Kardashians Cause Quite The Controversy On Their Trip To Cuba

Kylie Met Gala►►
More Celebrity News ►►

The Kardashians are already causing some major controversy on their trip to Cuba while filming upcoming episodes of their reality show.
Kim, Kanye, and the rest of the Kardashians are currently filming while the vacationing in Cuba, and they’re already getting some serious backlash for their actions on the trip thus far.

Their glamorous trip to Cuba is already controversial in and of itself, even prompting South Florida Representative ILLAH-NEA ROS-LAYTIN-EN to speak out about her outrage over the Kardashian’s destination choice. She told People magazine QUOTE, “I know it’s cool for celebrities to go to Cuba, but the Cuban people don’t experience the glamorous Havana that is featured on social media…Far from photo shoots and fruity drinks, everyday Cubans experience a different, sad reality.” The Senator also tweeted her thoughts on the matter.
But the backlash didn’t stop there. Khloe Kardashian has been documenting her seemingly relaxing and glamorous time in the country on social media, posting pictures of herself with Kim, Kourtney, and family friend Malika Haqq enjoying some Cuban cigars with their perfect pouts.
But the real outrage from fans came out when Khloe posted a sultry picture of herself standing on a staircase underneath the word, Fidel, as in ruthless former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.
That seems like it would be easy enough to crop out, right? Whether Khloe was aware of the word’s presence or meaning when she posted the pic, the people of the internet were not impressed, to say the least. One user commented on the post, “As a Cuban American, I am appalled that you’re standing beneath the name of one of the cruelest and most hated dictators to human mankind. This is inconsiderate and disrespectful”, which was accompanied by many other angry sentiments thrown at the “Strong Looks Better Naked” author on her social media accounts.

But despite all the controversy, Khloe doesn’t seem to be slowing down with her posts anytime soon. She followed up the Fidel photo with another expressing her gratitude to be able to appreciate the country’s culture.
Of course, we can all get behind someone taking in another’s culture, but that doesn’t mean it has to include sharing sexy pictures underneath a name that represents such pain and cruelty to others, right? But we’re gonna give Khloe the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume she didn’t put up the post with malicious intent, and hope that she takes this experience as a lesson on posting responsibly.

Alright so now it’s time for you guys to let me hear your thoughts about all this Kardashian Cuban controversy. Sound off in the comments and after that click right here to check out Kylie’s Met gala dress drama. Thanks so much for watching Newsfeed and hanging out with me, I’m your host Tiffany Taylor and I’ll see you guys next time

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Travel to Cuba: My Trip to CUBA – Wandering in the town of Caibarien
My Trip to CUBA – An American Citizen went to CUBA (Highlights VOL. 1), click the link.

My Trip to CUBA – An American Citizen went to CUBA (Highlights VOL. 2), click the link.

My Trip to CUBA – An American Citizen went to CUBA (Highlights VOL. 3), click the link.

Driving along Malecon in Havana, CUBA on a pink 1960 Chevy Impala, click the link.

View of Havana, CUBA from the lighthouse, click the link.

Cuban School Kids in the town of Caibarien singing Guantanamers, click the link.

Driving Around in Havana Part 1, click the link.

Driving Around in Havana PART 2, click the link.

John Lennon’s Statue in Havana, CUBA, click the link.

Plaza de Revolucion in Havana, CUBA, click the link.

Comandante Che Guevara Memorial in Santa Clara, CUBA, click the link.

Dancing CUBAN Mambo, click the link.

Trip to the small town of Caibarien, CUBA, click the link.

Riding a CUBAN Steam Engine Train, click the link.

Cuban Night Life in Hotel Las Dunas, click the link.

My Trip to CUBA – Video Highlights Vol. 4, click the link.

Camilo Cienfuegos’ Hometown, click the link.

Artwork Gallery in Caibarien + A Walk Around in the municipality, click the link.

Quizas Quizas Quizas Cuban Music Live, click the link.

Cuban RAP, click the link.

Casa Fuster in Havana, click the link.

Piquete Band in Santa Clara, click the link.

Smoking a 100% pure Cuban Cigar, click the link.

Melia Las Dunas Beach and Pool Resort, click the link.

Melia Las Dunas Beach and Pool Resort (PART 2), click the link.

Melia Las Dunas Beach and Pool Resort (PART 3), click the link.

Wandering in La Habana, CUBA, click the link.

Wandering in La Habana, CUBA Part 2, click the link.

Wandering in Caibarien, CUBA, click the link.

My hotel in Havana, CUBA. Hotel Melia Cohiba, click the link.

Wandering in Santa Clara, CUBA, click the link.

Cuban Vintage Cars, click the link.

Meeting a CUBAN Actor/Model, click the link.

Pier in Havana, CUBA, click the link.

Freedom of Religion in CUBA? Click the link.

A Fortune Teller in CUBA, click the link.

A 100% Cuban Real Talk, click the link.

Exploring the town of Remedios, click the link.

Going to CUBA from Miami, click the link.

Click the link to see more videos about my trip to CUBA.

Hey I know you guys have been waiting and waiting for this review but my internet right now is HORRIBLE so I wasn’t able to edit and upload as I want… anyway, Cuba. BEAUTIFUL! People are super friendly but very pushy. Outside of cruising there isn’t much to do gay wise in Cuba… also since most of the local people can’t afford a place of their own if you plan on doing the naughty you have to have a hotel room for yourself =p

Also it’s very polluted which is probably the biggest negative for me, oh and that there is no food!

Yes I know I look like shit in this video, give me a break I was always sweating buckets…

Area: 281 sq mi
Population: 2,135,489
Things to do gay: Cruising Malecon (or everywhere =p )
Things to do: Old Town, Beach, Sightseeing (Great Theatre of Havana, Revolution Square, Capitolio Nacional, Cathedral of Havana etc etc)

Need Cash: Yes

Walk: XXXX
Bike: XXXX
Public Transit: X
Car: X
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Cuba Trip Still On For President & Secretary Of State After Reported Dust Up

CLICK To Watch Hank Tester’s Report
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2015 was one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my professional career. This video is a way to say THANKS to everyone who reminded me why I chose this path. I hope it INSPIRES you to stay true to your journey, whatever it may be.

I went completely freelance in 2015 and jumped in head first to a bunch of new projects. The year began with an unforgettable trip to Havana, Cuba, followed by Santiago, Holguin and Camaguey. In August, we launched The Getaway Girls ( which took us to Aruba, Tahoe and Hawaii. A dream trip to Italy and chilled vibes in Miami made for some of my favorite moments in front of the camera and behind. And a surprise weekend in New York City with Mom, nothing can really top that…

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Ted Cruz on AIPAC speech, Israel policy, Obama’s Cuba trip

On ‘The Kelly File,’ presidential candidate draws distinctions between himself and Trump
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Rock legends The Rolling Stones perform in front of hundreds of thousands of fans at a landmark free concert in the Cuban capital, Havana. (March 26)

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Vicky aka Tulnukas Torise Planeedilt
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Cuba Study/Travel Trip 2016

I spent 5 days in Cuba.

It has been really difficult to find words to describe this experience, but I’m going to try. It was the most eye-opening 5 days of my life. The idea that a country frozen in time exists 90 miles south of Florida is something I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around. I visited Cuba with an open mind and an open heart, with a genuine desire to learn about the people, the culture, and their relationship with the United States.

The buildings are falling apart, many cars are 60+ years old, and the overall infrastructure is crumbling. But, Cuba is beautiful. It’s a living museum. I quickly began to realize, though, that this deteriorating country is home to so many people and they deserve better.

Cubans are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. However, they are oppressed and for the most part stuck in a mundane routine of life. They speak Spanish and were thrilled that I could communicate with them in their native tongue. I have nothing but love for the people of this island as most of them are merely victims of a complicated history. Strangers I met told me about their life struggles, their families, their financial situation, but they never mentioned the government.

The Cuban government controls most aspects of everyday life on the island. Because of this, everything takes longer in Cuba than it would in the United States. It took us nearly 4 hours to find a bank that had Cuban money, so we could complete our currency exchange. Government employees (80% of the population) make very little money: taxi drivers make more than doctors, bartenders make more than engineers. There is so much “backwardness” in Cuba.

The general attitude towards the United States was surprisingly pleasant even after I realized how much pain our country has caused the Cuban people throughout history. Cuba is changing. But I believe that progress will be made VERY slowly. The Cuban government is hesitant to alter its socialist ideals.

I’m going to be very blunt; the Cuban economy and the Cuban people are not prepared for an influx in American tourists. This would not be your typical Caribbean island getaway vacation spot anyways. If you are interested in visiting Cuba, I suggest you do so through an educational institution instead of going for leisure.

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit Cuba and I hope someday in the future I will have an opportunity to return.

There is so much to be learned in this world if you just step outside of the classroom. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.
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The Dominican Republic Darkside of Sex Tourism Vacations Love and Lifestyle Full Documentary

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Dominican Republic Vacation Guide
Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to its north and the Caribbean Sea on its south, this island paradise boasts over 1,000 miles of beaches and is the second largest country in the Carribbean. The Dominican Republic has emerged as a popular destination for families, couples and adventure seekers . As a leader in environmental protection and sustainable tourism, more than 20 per cent of land and coastal areas are protected. Activities available include golf, waterfall-cascading and canyoning. Dominican Republic has eight international airports, seaports and marinas.
Browse through hundreds of all inclusive vacations to Dominican Republic on These Dominican Republic vacations are available for every budget and offer a stress-free way to plan your next trip. makes it easy to find the right all inclusive vacation. Choose from the resorts below or search using our tool on the left to find your next Dominican Republic vacation.



In the United States President Bill Clinton is rethinking a long-established strategy to bring down Cuba’s Communist government.

White House officials say the tactic now being considered is increasing contacts between non-official Cubans and Americans.

But the move is drawing heavy protest from Cuban-American groups opposed to easing any pressure on Fidel Castro.

However, for the travel industry, easier passage to Cuba could translate into big tourist bucks.

The streets of Havana are a throw-back to a bygone era. Classic 1950’s cars cruise near empty roads.

For years, these streets have been off-limits to Americans without special U-S government permission.

But if the Clinton Administration follows through on plans to ease travel restrictions to Cuba, the shops and streets of Havana may be thronged by American tourists not seen for decades.

It’s a move that upsets people like Jose Cardenas (car-deh-nas) Washington Director of the anti-Castro Cuban-American Foundation.

Cardenas says now is not the time to be easing up on Fidel Castro.


On opt of that we’re sending a signal to Castro that he doesn’t have to lift a finger in order to get the United States to ameliorate it’s policy or draw us to the negotiating table.

SUPER CAPTION:Jose R. Cardenas, Cuban-American Foundation

But on Thursday, the State Department hinted that some change in policy over American travel restrictions to Cuba may be possible.


No final decisions have been made and whether any changes will be made to present policy, or if changes were made, which changes could possibly be implemented as part of a change.

SUPER CAPTION:Nicholas Burns, State Department Spokesman

Earlier attempts to ease any pressure on the Castro regime has drawn fierce protest from the Cuban-American expatriate community in the United States.

Some see easing travel restrictions as a sign the Clinton Administration is attempting to increase dialogue with Cuba. A gamble that may cost President Clinton valuable votes in his re-election campaign.


I think that Cuba’s going to be in the forefront in the foreign policy debate in the presidential election and again Bill Clinton is going to have a very difficult time trying to explain in the face of Republican criticisms why he is lightening up on Fidel Castro and not increasing the pressure.
SUPER CAPTION:Jose R. Cardenas, Cuban-American Foundation

If the restrictions are eased, the big winners may be the travel and tourism industry.

Travel to Cuba has been difficult, if not impossible for many tourists looking to visit the Caribbean island.

Lifting the restrictions will make life easier for travel agents, and maybe even more profitable.


The problem with Cuba is that people have to get interested again and feel secure going down and one of the ways to do it is to give them security from the government saying: “It’s safe to go down to Cuba.” And once they feel safe of course a lot of people are going to spend money.

SUPER CAPTION: Andreas Poerschke, Around the World Travel, Inc.

Despite protest from some Cuban-American groups, Fidel Castro may soon be welcoming American tourists….and American dollars.

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