Travel tips for visiting Havana, Cuba, the most historic city in the carribean!
La Havana is one of the world’s great cities, filled with history, culture and stunning colonial architecture. This video slideshow introduces the city- from Fortaleza el Morro, el capitolio the Malecon, the Tropicana and the Capri hotel to the historic Unesco downtown- even the local transportation is covered as well as some travel tips!

Travel Tips: Why you need a U.S. Passport Card

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Sonia’s coming at you guys and gals with another great travel tip. This week she shows you an alternative to carrying your bulky passport around everywhere.

Difference between Passport Book and Card:
U.S. Passport Card Info:

Travel Tips: Tips for Fear of Flying:
Travel Tips: How to Pack your Makeup:
Travel Tips: Locks, Storage, and Hygiene:

American travelers should add Cuba to their itinerary: Tips to make the trip

American travelers should add Cuba to their itinerary: Tips to make the trip
… Editor Peter Greenberg, who has been traveling to Cuba for more than 35 years, says many Americans want to make the trip now in order to appreciate unadulterated Cuban culture, much like the Canadians and Europeans who regularly vacation there.
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This vacation all about sharing, helping
The company has been granted approval from the U.S. to operate direct U.S.-to-Cuba travel to provide a cultural exchange, said Roger Frizzell, Carnival's chief communications officer. “We continue to have positive dialogue with Cuban officials and …
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10 Years After Katrina
Second homes proliferate, as do vacation rentals promoting “authentic New Orleans culture.” Around the next …. Many of the latter group settled in Mid-City, and old-timers remember the days when it was studded with Cuban-owned small businesses. Most …
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CUBA TRAVEL TIPS {top 10} | Smartie and Steveo

Check out our video with our top 10 tips when traveling to Cuba (or international resorts)! Don’t forget to add your tips below! xo
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