10 Things NOT to Do in Cuba

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Did you know up until 1997, it was actually illegal for Cubans to mingle with tourists? It’s okay now though, and today even Americans are allowed to explore the country that was barred to them for 55 years. This unique “time warp” island is generally safe and friendly, but there are a few things NOT to do in Cuba.

1. Don’t Bring Bling
The average Cuban salary is about per month, so don’t flaunt your wealth. Walking around with dazzling jewelry and slick smart phones can make you a target to pickpockets.

2. Don’t Take Pics of Police
It’s illegal to take photos of any military, police or airport personnel in Cuba. If you want to avoid unpleasant interrogations from the authorities, don’t get snap-happy in front of these officials.

3. Don’t Diss Fidel
It’s illegal for Cubans to criticize the government. Of course, they may discuss things covertly amongst themselves, but you don’t qualify. So don’t dare to diss the Castros or Communism in casual conversation.

4. Don’t Blow Your Nose in Public
Cubans consider this to be extremely rude. If you have a cold or allergies, it’s best to take care of things in private.

5. Don’t Fall for the Jineteros
A Jinetero is a seemingly friendly local that suddenly charges you for assistance you didn’t really ask for. Some of these hustlers besiege you with hard-luck stories to guilt you into paying more money. This also applies to the escorts and prostitutes on the island who make a living off of lonely middle-aged tourists.

6. Don’t Forget to Bring a Few Gifts
Local hotel staff and guides appreciate cash tips, but also things like shampoo, school supplies or canned tuna. Some airlines allow passengers to bring an extra bag full of sundries like this for “humanitarian aid” purposes.

7. Don’t Get Short Changed
The official local currency is the CUP, however tourists have to use the CUC, but there’s a 13% exchange fee when converting US dollars. Best to bring euros, Canadian dollars or Sterling. Also beware of Jineteros offering to exchange with you on the streets. Even shop keepers are notorious for short-changing and switching CUP for CUC!

8. Don’t Take Unlicensed Taxis
Cuba’s streets are full of these: and some even operate as taxis. Many are not metered, so you’ll have to negotiate a fare upfront. Watch out for unlicensed taxis, you may be setting yourself up for a scam or robbery.

9. Don’t Forget the Cigars
John F. Kennedy famously stocked up on 1,200 cigars before imposing the 1962 embargo. After 50 years, Americans can now legally bring back 0 worth of tobacco and alcohol.

12. Don’t Do Drugs
Cubans can receive the death penalty for drug consumption. Tourists however can be sent to maximum security prison.

Most important of all, don’t delay coming here. Cuba is a magical country you’ll want to see before word gets out.
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20 things not to miss in Cuba

20 things not to miss in Cuba

From salsa, to tobacco plantations to diving on the coast of Cuba, here are 20 things you shouldn’t miss in this exciting island country.
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Cuba VLOG 6: Cigars & Cocktails at local Cuban bar

Our plan was to go for dinner – we got lost, ended up at a local bar, drinking and smoking with Cuban students. Fun!

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Best Things to Do in Old Havana, Cuba

This is Old Havana, Cuba, the heart of Havana. It’s a history buff’s dream, but also home to Hemmingway’s favorite Mojito bar, Bodeguita del Medio, and the Plaza de Armas Book Market, where I could have spent all day! Eat ALL of the Cuban street food like peanuts, coconut and churros!

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Michaela’s Map: The Top Things to do in Cuba

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Join Michaela, founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet as she discovers the best insider things to do in Cuba – from cycling across the rural countryside, roadside pork sandwiches, the best rooftop bar in Cuba’s crumbling colonial cities and attempting to keep up with the locals on the dance floor.

Michaela Guzy, Chief Content Creator, OhThePeopleYouMeet & Michaela’s Map

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Old Havana Cuba – Things to do in Havana

Things to do in Old Havana, Cuba. Visit the Capitol building, Catedral de San Cristobal, Plaza de Armas, Castillo de la Real Fuerza, and Plaza de la Revolución, walk along the Prado street, walk the Malecón, explore la Habana Vieja, catch a show (Tropicana), try a Cuba Libre and Mojito, tour a cigar factory and rum factory, and enjoy live music around town.

Cuba tourist attractions for your Havana holiday. Cuba travel guide.

For more information, visit http://traveltheworldguide.com. We offer travel tips, advice and resources you can trust to help you discover, plan and book your next vacation.

Things to Do in Santiago de Cuba | Cuba Travel Guide

Here are the top things to do in Santiago, Cuba’s second largest city! I visited Santiago in Summer 2015 on a people-to-people adventure with Cuba Travel Services. Read more at http://courtneyscott.tv

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Cuba Travel Tips

A 17 minute summary of travel tips useful to an American traveler visiting Cuba based on my trip to Havana and Varadero Cuba in January, 2015, an organized trip conducted by Road Scholar and licensed by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
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Best Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

Best Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

When I boarded my flight and started my adventure to Havana with Cuba Travel Services, I had no idea what to expect. But what I discovered was a place that makes your soul sing, your feet dance, and your eyes wide with wonder. This is Havana, like you’ve never seen it before.

Day 1: An Old Havana Walking Tour
The trip starts the Cuban way, with a mojito. Hemmingway’s favorite comes from la Bodeguita del Medio. As you wonder through Old Havana’s many squares you’ll be swept away by their beauty. My favorite, Plaza de Armas.

Every day in Plaza de Armas there’s a local market but it’s much more than just books.You can find old cameras, antiques, and it’s a perfect place to soak in local street life.

Day 2:
On day 2 We’re off to Vinales for a feast at El Paraiso, Wilfredo’s organic farm.
We have fritters, rice, chicken, eggplant, pumpkin, beats, and the food is still coming. And this is the pork. The roasted pig is the main event, it’s carried up the hill just before lunch is served. Piping hot, dripping with fatty juice. One of the best meals in Cuba.

Next it’s off to meet Benito for a crash course in Tobacco farming.
Benito: This is the second in my life.
Courtney: You said suck on it!
Don’t inhale.
Courtney: And as I quickly learned, no cigar is complete without a little Cuban Rum.
Benito: You know the white coffee here in Cuba?
Courtney: I think it has something to do with rum!

As the cool breeze blew through Bentio’s house one white coffee turned into several, I got the hang of cigar smoking, and all was well in the hills of Vinales.

Day 3:
On day 3 a morning of dancing at the Habana Compas dance Company headquarters. They’re classically trained dancers and powerful percussionists. They perform around the world fusing Spanish styles like Flameco, with contemporary dance.

It’ a rush. It’s something amazing. You have to be on the stage, you have to feel it. you have to live it.
Courtney: Can you teach me a little?

And finally,we visit Muraleando. An abandoned water-tank turned community arts center that teaches fine arts to the children of Lawton, a modest neighborhood in Havana.
Manuel: To see the children, their transformation, children that come from low-income families, children with behavior problems, we see them transform and learn. The doors are always open for you at Muraleando! Gracias.

Food is an important part of the Havana tour, and El Litoral was a perfect way to end the trip. Nautical-chic design, scrumptious seafood dishes and a perfect location right along the water.

Cuba isn’t a place to see. It’s a place to feel. It’s the people make Cuba special. And you see it in every smile, every wave, every chat, every cheers. Until next time…

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Charter flights operate from Miami, Tampa and JFK on Sun Country and American Airlines and take you to Havana, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba.

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Top things to do in Camaguey, Cuba

Top things to do in Camaguey, Cuba

Heading to Camaguey? It’s one of my favorite stops in Cuba. The city’s labyrinth of charming streets may not be the easiest to navigate but whichever direction you turn you’ll be treated to something special. Beautiful squares, art galleries, antique car shows, and creativity around every corner.

Art lovers should spend the day cruising around to the many galleries in town. Be sure to stop by and see Pepe Gutierrez, a leather sculpture who spent 30 years perfecting his craft.
Next visit Martha Jimenez, one of the most important contemporary Cuban artists who has more than 250 exhibitions worldwide. Then there’s the playful and somewhat provocative creations of Magdiel.

Tinajones are the local symbol of Camaguey, they were used to hold rain water before the aqueducts were built. The Casanova family is famous tinajone makers.

Take a drive to the countryside and visit King Ranch. At one time King Ranch was the largest ranch in the United States. One of their first international ventures was here in Cuba where their culture is still alive and well.

A short horse ride away will lead you to El Cafetal, you can visit the local school in this small village and enjoy some time with the locals.

Back in the city of Camaguey; visit the award winning Arlequin dance group. It’s an after school program where the kids have become pros in son, mambo and salsa to name a few.

The Camagüey Valet is one of the 2 most prestigious companies in Cuba and they practice here on the grounds of an 80 year old estate in the center of town. A peak inside the workshop shows hand sown costumes and point shoes made right on the property.

For dinner, head to one of the most beautiful squares in the city.

For a romantic night, have dinner at paladar Restaurante 1800.

Just outside the restaurant the club “Autos Clasicos” or Classic Cars meets to show off their original classic cars on Plaza San Juan de Dios. You can also catch a ride home if you’d like and I would definitely recommend it.

For more information about legal travel to Cuba from the USA visit our website at www.cubatravelservices.com

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