La Yola Santiago Cuban song singer recording artist Cuban rhythm

Yola is a Cuban professional singer that does the Hotel shows . She has written and produced her first original song here for all to see and listen to. Has a great latin beat and needs some exposure as she is deserving of more than the little earnings that all Cubans must endure. Let her know what you think and post a comment. It’s original and all hers. Another is in process and on the way.

It is explained by itself
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Rolando Coto, Guitarist & Singer, Salsa, Vacation Hotel Acuario Havana Cuba

Rolando Coto, Guitarist & Singer, Salsa, Vacation Hotel Acuario Havana Cuba

Hotel Acuario in Havana, Cuba, with Rolando Coto, Guitarist & Singer, with some tourists from Venezuela dancing salsa.

Special one week vacation cost 600, in Havana Cuba, the best place for your vacation. Get more and pay less. Visit Old Havana “Habana”, churches, café, arts’ shops, antique shows, gift shops, shopping, paintings, restaurants, hotel, beaches, ocean, swimming, dancing, learn salsa dance, meet friendly people, eat the best Cuban food, etc…

One full week vacation cost about 600 only, it pays for: airplane roundtrip, free food buffet for 7 days, morning lunch, and supper, eat as much as you want, include your room in hotel, free 24 hours alcohol open bar, free soft drinks and free coffee & tee, 24/hours, open snack bar, fast food, 24 hours for free, free taxi from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport. Meet nice people and make good friends from other countries during your visit in the hotel in Havana Cuba.

At the Hotel Acuario, daily free dancing lessons, watch shows in discotheque & outdoors at night. Learn to dance salsa during your vacation in hotel for free by the best Salsa teacher. All these are included in your plane roundtrip ticket. Travel to downtown Havana daily by hotel bus for free also. Your room is washed and your bed is changed daily. It is all included, dancing in swinging pool on Latin music, and many activities daily. You will have a lot’s of fun meeting wonderful people during your vacation. Learn about their culture and traditions.

You can watch and take pictures of Cuba’s vegetations, trees, Cuba’s antique & sport collection cars show in Havana [Habana] downtown. Visit art shows and museums; have your profile painted by Cuban artist on sidewalk.

Note: Medical care, doctors, dentist “dental” “hospital” are 70 percent less expensive comparing to North America and Europe.

English: my deaf friend:Lazarus, chief of national organisation for deaf on Cuba destrict Sancti Spiritus explains the work of organisation ANSOC. In sign language of Cuba.
Deutsch: Mein gehörloser Freund Lazarus, Chef der nationalen Gehörlosenorganisation Kubas im Bezirk Sancti Spiritus erklärt die Aufgaben der Organisation. In kubanischer Gebärdensprache.
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