Recipes of the Diaspora: Documentary Sizzle Reel

We can’t wait to cut together a trailer after we’ve come back from Cuba. It’ll be great to have our own footage represent the film.
For now we’ve put together a little clip… to give you a quick taste… of what the film’s all about.

About the Film
In Recipes of the Diaspora you’re taken on a global journey from sunrise to sunset to experience Shabbat with six different Jewish families. From The U.S to Cuba to India to Dagestan to Zimbabwe to Yemen we explore what it means to be a Jew inside and outside Western mainstream culture. Intimate conversations and day-to-day life is interwoven with traditions around food as we examine how the same core Shabbat customs take on different spices and flavors around the world. A story reflecting the resilience of mankind, the film examines how regardless of persecution, separation, diversity in culture, and wavering faith, the people of the Jewish diaspora have managed to maintain a strong unified Jewish identity.

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Dante Hinlo of DVH and Sons’ Gamefowl Farm: Pre-conditioning methods.
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Beef Recipes – How to Make Cuban Ropa Vieja

Beef Recipes - How to Make Cuban Ropa Vieja

Get the recipe for Cuban Ropa Vieja at

In this video, we’ll show you how to cook flank steak with tomato sauce, broth, vegetables, and spices. This version of a popular Cuban dish is ideal for large family dinners. It’s easy to put together and most of the work is done in a slow cooker. Enjoy with a side of rice and fried plantains.

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Slow Cooked Lechon (pork shoulder) | Cuban With A Twist | Episode 33

A quick video on how to make Lechon (pork shoulder) in crock pot for Pan Con Lechon Sandwiches or over rice.
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OUTRAGEOUS! Blue Collar Restaurant Miami Reuben Burger and Cuban Sandwich Burger recipes

Burger Guy pays a visit to Chef Danny Serfer of Blue Collar restaurant in Miami for a super double whammy combo: Reuben Burger with pastrami and provolone cheese and a Cuban Sandwich Burger with Serrano Ham. BG is joined by Miami Foodie Pablo Aviles of Mentegordito! Let’s Ciao!

Cuban cooking style – Best cuban food recipes – Easy cuban recipes

Cuban cooking style - Best cuban food recipes - Easy cuban recipes

Learn more about Cuban cooking style and the incredible dishes you can enjoy.

Cuban style chicken and rice…oh, say it again! Easy to make and it’ll make your tummy sing!

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Cuban Picadillo Recipe – Best Cuban Food Recipes

Cuban Picadillo Recipe - Best Cuban Food Recipes

Cuban Picadillo Recipe, simply and delicious.

This classic and celebrated Cuban dish combines ground beef, tomatoes and raisins. Rita’s fragrant stew manages to be sweet, savory, and salty with a subtle touch of spice. This is the perfect dish for company or to warm up from the cold.

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