Dignitaries attended a flag raising ceremony at new Cuban Embassy in the US

Dozens of dignitaries attended a flag raising ceremony at the newly inaugurated Cuban Embassy in Washington in the United States.
The flag was raised for the first time in over fifty four years over a mansion that will again serve as Havana’s embassy in Washington.

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Raising Kids – Mark Cuban

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Fears Raising Kids to Be ‘Entitled Jerks’

Billionaire Mark Cuban Fears Raising Kids to Be ‘Entitled Jerks’
Billionaire Mark Cuban Fears Raising Kids to Be ‘Entitled Jerks’
Billionaire Mark Cuban Fears Raising Kids to Be ‘Entitled Jerks’

The “Shark Tank” star and billionaire says he and his wife want their kids to “earn it themselves” when it comes to success.

Mark Cuban on parenting saying he and his wife want their kids to earn their own success. The billionaire spoke out in an interview with our Dallas station WFAA and “Nightline” anchor juju Chang has the details. Reporter: Mark Cuban, the sharp-tongued star of “Shark tank.” If you want an investment you cannot tell us. Reporter: Teaching his three young kids a thing or two about what’s really valuable in life. I try to push them to have confidence in themselves but not to take anything for granted. And to, you know, try to be good people. That’s my biggest fear they grow up to be entitled jerks. Reporter: The self-made billionaire toke to WFAA about his biggest venture, being a good parent. I’m going to try to be that dad that says you have to think for yourself. My wife is super protective and I literal ly am the parent that says, no, they have to learn how to deal with these things so we can see them make mistakes. When parents are conscious of the way they’re raising their children it can only help how they grow up and what they learn and the kinds of grown-ups that they eventually become. In order to get anything they have to do something. Reporter: He and his wife don’t want their kids to be spoiled. His 11-year-old knows there’s no trust fund at 25. She has to earn it herself. I’m make sure. It’s the scariest thing in ply life ever. After their health, it’s terrifying. You look for little indications, what’s the future going to hold. Reporter: Money, he says, doesn’t fix everything. I want them to be able to fix their own problems. That’s just the nature of parenting and it’s terrifying as much for me and my wife as anybody else. Reporter: It seems even sharks have a tender spot for their young. For “Good morning America,” juju Chang, ABC news, New York. A lot of comments. Let’s talk about it with Tory Johnson. Pretty special case. Billionaire but we have to teach all our kids about money. My kids are leaving for college next week and graduated from high school having never had a single classroom conversation about financial literacy and so we can’t leave it up to the schools. I think it’s — if should happen in schools, quite frankly but it’s also up to each of us as parents to make this a topic that everybody talks about, regularly, every single day. Money matters have to be front and center in our families. I can’t believe Jake and Emma are about to head to college. Neither can I. You have been very hands on. I remember the women’s conference in Pennsylvania. They were front and center. They were learning. They were helping out. When did you start teaching. We started pretty young. Maybe 3 or 4 years old just starting to introduce the idea of money and there’s lots of little ways you can do that. I think as kids get older in our family like most, the lemonade stand was the first time my kids really discovered the sort of power and pride of being able to earn your own money like there’s nothing cooler, right, than a little kid sitting there with their fake cash register and people giving you money for things and it really teaches the pride of earning money which is something that we want to start very, very young. I set my kids up with bank accounts starting at 8 and earn their money but like to say it’s my money, I can do whatever I want with it to what I say no. I want to help guide you, figure out what to do with that money. Is that the correct way? I think it is. It’s about sitting down and say, okay, you’ve earned this money. How will you spend it? They used all that lemonade money to contribute coats to the coat drive and instilled the pride of giving. The good that money can do when you earn it for other people. Saving and spending on things that matter most to you, the tuition bill just arrived for my daughter’s first semester. She used money that she has earned for the last two years in her business to pay that bill like there’s no momma prouder than that because we talk about money a lot and I think that’s what we have to do with our kids. From her business. I love that. You have a lot more to teach and you’re going to tell everybody about it on our website, you’ve got a new book all on goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! Also burning up the “Heat index,” this woman’s sunburn
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Mark Cuban made headlines this week with the unflinchingly honest remarks he made at Inc.’s 17th annual GrowCo conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The outspoken entrepreneur gave his opinion on everything from whether Donald Sterling should be banned from the NBA to how to fix the economy.

On stage before a packed audience of entrepreneurs, Inc. President and Editor-in-Chief Eric Schurenberg asked Cuban the instantly intoxicating question: What would you change if you were in charge?

Naturally, Cuban jumped on the question. (He’s obviously been thinking about this!) From abolishing patents to reforming the NBA, here’s how the world would look if Cuban was King:

Eliminate software patents. “Patent law right now holds us back in every which way shape and form,” said Cuban, who added that he was once sued over a film distribution technique his company developed after someone else decided to file a patent for the technique. “In software, there’s no place for it.”
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Raising the Flag at U.S. Embassy Havana

A New Chapter for the United States and Cuba
On January 4, 1961, U.S. Marines Jim Tracy, F.W. “Mike” East, and Larry C. Morris assigned to U.S. Embassy Havana lowered the American flag outside the embassy for the last time. For 54 years, the Marines’ warm affection for the Cuban people never wavered. And neither did their belief that, one day, they would reunite to raise the flag again.
On August 14, 2015, these three U.S. Marines reunite and join Secretary of State John Kerry to re-open the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Watch this video as they reflect on the past and look towards the future.
Go to http://www.state.gov/p/wha/ci/cu/ for more information.