Havana Cuba 2015 Beach Defences Docu-Pix: Castro’s Bay of Pigs Effect-Embargo on Cuba Documentary

BEACHES: 2015 HAVANA CUBA DOCUMENTARY PHOTO TOUR: FIDEL CASTRO’s 1960s COLD WAR re the Cuba Embargo & the US Bay of Pigs Invasion /Cuban Missile Crisis & the CIA Secret Cuban Military Bunker Effect. MUSIC: Ah2, “Cuban Pete” — YT Audio

A Step-by-Step Travel Documentary of an Actual 1960s Cuba Defense Battlefield near Havana Cuba’s Tarara Beach Suburb c 2015 By the Hemingway Wannabe.

Michael Dobbs, in “One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War”(2008),, the Washington Post reporter states in a speculative 2nd-invasion chapter:

“If all else failed, his [Fidel Castro’s] Soviet allies had tactical nuclear weapons hidden in the hills behind Tarara beach and other likely landing spots that could wipe out an American beachhead in a matter of minutes.”

While hiking, I stumbled upon this battleground before Goggle Earthing the SAM base (still active) and finding Michael Dobbs’ book. To me, these 60s Soviet-produced bunkers, nests, trenches, & huts immediately garnished concrete testimony to the Cuban Missile Crisis — here, defence bunkers were installed from the beach to upper Tarara farmland above La Habana Cuba’s northeast coast highway, with more scattered from here to Varadero.
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Fidel Castro: US Wrongdoing

Little known to the American people, after the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by the USA, Fidel Castro, in anguished anticipation of a 2nd invasion by the US, openly constructed, from Tarara Cuba (Havana suburb) to Varadero, a Soviet / Cuban missile / tank defense network, now a series of ancient, uninvaded, unbarrackaded battlefields on the hidden slopes of Cuba’s N coast, Today, these lonely, hollow bunkers are a grim reminder of how pathetically close we came to nuclear war.

Here, then, for the first time, with this, my (the Hemingway Wannabe’s) unexpected photo discovery on a Feb 2013 hike, we see that Dobbs’ imaginative 2nd US invasion of Cuba at Tarara Beach was indeed anticipated, in the mind and pocketbook of Fidel Castro via the Soviets, aknowledgement of which was rendered conveniently moot 50+ years ago when the US government banned American tourist travel to Cuba,. Question is, “Who’s been brainwashing who?”

Consider how ironic it is, that for the past 20 years of the US embargo on Cuba (including essential medicines and, given the biblical proportions of this 50+ year travesty suffered by the now 11 million+ good people of Cuba), Israel, whose elderly suffered Nazi genocide during WW2, remained the only country with the US in the UN to say “nay” to lifting the economic blockade!

Consider how the United States, for 50 years, has forbidden its own citizens from travelling to Cuba to see the truth for themselves, at an outrageous penalty of thousands of dollars per capita! A CIA cover-up? Some “democracy”! “Hate crime” comes to mind, and “crimes against humanity”.
One has to wonder again why President Kennedy was assassinated– was it to threatened every president to come? Who did the presidency betray by cancelling his support in mid-invasion? How many presidents have been forced to tow the line since?

“QUONSETS” ONLY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krZpwpNm0Zs

As a Canadian, I feel fraternity with all Americans and I hesitate, in these tenuous times, to reveal “America’s Wrongdoing”, lending more “hate” to America’s more-irrational enemies. I can only recommend that we each do what we can to end our dependency on petroleum and put an end to war.
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