Музыкальные картинки Кубы. Musical Pictures of Cuba.

Трио «Лирица», Трофим Антипов (баян), Елена Сочнева (цымбалы),
Андрей Сочнев (балалайка-контрабас).
Из личного видеоархива А. Байкова.
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President Hugo Chavez said he’s recovering quickly from tumour surgery in Cuba – and the first photographs of the Venezuelan leader to appear since the operation show him smiling and chatting with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
One of the photographs released by Cuban state media late on March 2nd 2012 shows Chavez in a blue, white and black track suit walking in a carpeted room without any aid. He is smiling broadly.
Others show Chavez sitting across from Castro as the two men chat, apparently in a Havana hospital.
The gray-bearded Castro is also wearing a track suit.
Behind them is a Venezuelan flag and a painting of South American independence hero Simon Bolivar.
Chavez, who is 57, flew to Cuba on February 24th to have a growth removed from the same part of the pelvic region where a larger, malignant tumour was extracted last year.

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(Big Sky Motion Pictures) Cuba Gooding Jr. Late Show



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Rudi Zapf & Zapf’nstreich – Pictures of Cuba

Fernsehauftritt bei Pixners Backstage im Servus TV

January 2007
Castro may be seriously ill but his autocratic regime shows no signs of relaxing its grip on power. A network of neighbourhood spies ensures ‘dangerous subversives’ are kept in check.

There are more than 135,000 Committees for the Defence of the Revolution (CDRs) in Cuba. There main purpose is to ensure that nothing — or no one — puts the achievements of the Revolution at risk. “With the help of the CDRs, we know who is who and who does what”, explains Ruben Perez, Deputy Manager of the CDRs. Committees can hand out warnings to citizens deemed acting inappropriately. Those who fail to change their behaviour are then imprisoned for up to four years. People can also be imprisoned for moving from one town to another without a visa. When released, political prisoners are constantly monitored. “I am like a prisoner in my own neighbourhood”, complains one former prisoner. “I’m afraid to visit anyone because I don’t like to complicate anyone’s life by my presence”. Few people expect life to change soon. “I don’t have any illusions about Fidel Castro’s death leading to major democratic changes”, states one man. “The generation that created this system will still be in power”.
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Putin in Cuba | Latin America Tour DAY 1 | In Pictures | Путин на Кубе

| In Pictures | ★Russian Leader Vladimir Putin’s Latin America Tour ‘DAY 1 Highlights’

(President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Cuba).
Путин на Кубе | Латинская Америка Тур ДЕНЬ 1 | в картинках

[Photo Credit: Фото Пресс-службы Президента РФ]

★Wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial to Soviet Internationalist Soldiers:

July 11, 2014, Cuba.

Vladimir Putin began his official visit to Cuba by laying a wreath at the Memorial to Soviet Internationalist Soldiers in the suburbs of Havana. President of the Council of State and Council of Ministers of Cuba Raul Castro took part in the ceremony.

The President honoured the memory of Soviet soldiers and officers killed on Cuban soil while performing the internationalist duty. The memorial was opened on February 23, 1978 on the site where the soldiers are buried. An eternal flame burns before the monument’s central wall.


★Russian-Cuban talks:

July 11, 2014, Cuba.

Vladimir Putin held talks with President of the State Council and Council of Ministers of Cuba Raul Castro.

Following the talks, Mr Putin and Mr Castro attended the signing of a package of documents on cooperation, particularly in international information security, energy, manufacturing, culture and healthcare.

Vladimir Putin and Raul Castro also made statements to the press.



★Press statements following Russian-Cuban talks:

July 11, 2014, Havana.


I have just completed talks with Mr Raul Castro, President of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba.

Before that, I had the opportunity to hold a friendly and substantive conversation with Fidel Castro. We discussed key issues in Russian-Cuban cooperation in a very friendly atmosphere. I want to say that we are proud of our rich experience of bilateral cooperation and we value the spirit of sincere friendship and rapport in our relations.

I would like to note that we are seeking to create new opportunities in our relations. For that purpose, we decided to write off Cuba’s billion debt to Russia. To be more precise, 90 percent of the debt has been written off, while the remaining 10 percent will go towards Cuban investment projects.

We have discussed at length the development of trade and economic ties. An efficient cooperation mechanism has already been put in place in this respect. An intergovernmental commission meets regularly and is expected to hold its 12th session in Moscow. Another meeting could take place in the autumn of this year in Havana. All in all, we have constant and regular contacts. The programme of trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation up to 2020 is being implemented. A bilateral business council is also up and running.

We have also discussed major new projects, and you had an opportunity to witness the signing of certain documents in this respect. Russia’s Zarubezhneft is actively involved in developing Boca de Jaruco field and is expected to tap new Cuban offshore deposits in the near future. I hope that projects implemented by another Russian company, Rosneft, will also get underway soon.

Russia’s Inter RAO UES intends to build four power units at the Maximo Gomez and East Havana thermal power plants, with the project valued at 1.2 billion euros. Russia supplies its electric power equipment to Cuba.

During today’s talks, we agreed that our relations have great potential in terms of industrial development, space exploration and civil aviation infrastructure. We discussed the possibility of establishing a major transport hub in Cuba by upgrading the Mariel seaport and building a state-of-the art international airport with a cargo terminal.

Russia is interested in deploying ground base stations of its global navigation system GLONASS in Cuba, thereby providing Cuba access to remote sensing services and technologies and satellite communications.

There is also great potential in the metals industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The Mariel special economic zone is a promising platform for joint ventures, and Russian companies take a keen interest in such projects.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to strengthening our cultural and humanitarian ties. You have just witnessed the signing of a cooperation programme for 2014-2016 by Russian and Cuban ministers of culture. We will continue assisting our Cuban friends with personnel training. There is also great potential for cooperation in tourism. Finally, we are committed to helping our Cuban friends overcome the illegal embargo against Cuba.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all our Cuban friends for this very warm and cordial reception and for creating the positive atmosphere that facilitated today’s joint initiatives. Thank you.

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Opening sequence for the 2003 documentary I wrote, produced, directed & edited for the the Discovery Times Channel on the life of Cuban photographer Roberto Salas.
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