“Conan In Cuba” Open – CONAN on TBS At least one passage in Melania Trump’s speech Monday night at the Republican National Convention plagiarized

“Conan In Cuba” Open – CONAN on TBS O Documento Verdade mostra como os cubanos driblam o embargo econômico com a capacidade de improviso do seu povo.

BREAKING: US Will Open Embassy in Cuba, Start Diplomatic Relations

–The US will open an embassy in Cuba and being diplomatic relations


–On the Bonus Show: Denmark claims the North Pole, Rolls Royce unveils “roboships,” a much faster type of passenger plane, more…

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Google to open technology centre in Cuba | CEEN News | April 5, 2016

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Rolling Stones to play free open air concert in Cuba

Rolling Stones to play free open air concert in Cuba
… at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana in Havana on March 25. In a statement, The Rolling Stones said: "We have performed in many special places during our long career, but this show in Havana is going to be a landmark event for us, and, we hope, for …
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Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre offers a taste of Cuban culture
While “Escape” and “Danzones Baleticos” deal directly with matters of Cuban culture and history, Mateo explained that he was inspired by the music of his new work, Cuban composer Juan Pinera's “Trio Cervantino,” to address more widespread experiences.
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SCC professor details Cuban culture
City College political science professor Dagne Tedla holds a lecture in PAC 106 discussing the history of Cuba, his own experiences visiting Cuba, and celebrating the opening of travel between the United States and Cuba. Feb. 23, 2016. Emily Peterson …
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Canadian tourism in Cuba: Will American travellers affect the experience?
"The Cubans for some time to come would want to maintain their unique culture and their unique economic culture, which is very distinct." "Everybody's talking about Cuba changing, but how is it going to change and who's going to be in charge of that …
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Tampa company hopes to open warehouse distribution center in Cuba

Tampa company hopes to open warehouse distribution center in Cuba
A Tampa company is trying to win approval from the Cuban government to open a warehouse distribution facility in Cuba that could potentially supply the island's budding private sector and would stock U.S. products allowed to be exported to Cuba under …
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Cuba and Iran, Melancholy Twins
The first thing that struck me during a trip to Cuba this month was how much it reminds me of Iran. Despite divergent ideologies—Communist, Islamic—the aging revolutions emit the same cranky melancholia. Rhetoric is still defiant, but public zealotry …
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Cuba's Famous Tropicana Dancers Come to Miami For First Time
“The arrival of the Tropicana dancers to the States is a sign,” said Havana-based filmmaker and producer of the show, Rolando Almirante. “It is like a greeting from Cuba, which is why we called the show Ola Havana. We wanted to use this moment to bring …
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Two Films That Blew Bilderberg Wide Open – Alex Jones Tv

Two Films That Blew Bilderberg Wide Open

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, August 20, 2010

Editor’s note: Let’s put “Free Bilderberg films” at the top of Google Trends by making it a search term.

The Bilderberg Group is receiving fresh and timely attention after Cuban president Fidel Castro published an article warning of the fact that the globalist clique, “has become a kind of global government, controlling not only international politics and economics, but even culture,” prompting the term “Bilderberg” to shoot to the top of the Google Trends rankings.

This is part of a global awakening to the new world order in which millions of people around the globe are finally discovering where the true power lies and why the world is being driven headlong towards serfdom and dictatorship,

Castro quoted almost verbatim from Daniel Estulin’s 2006 book The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club in his regular newspaper column, sparking a fresh round of international media coverage some four months after the Bilderbergers last met in Spain, something the publicity-shunning gaggle of globalists were completely unprepared for.

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Castro drew attention to Bilderberg’s plan to “install a world government that knows no borders and is not accountable to anyone but its own self,” reported the Associated Press. The Cuban leader went into further detail, quoting Estulin on his research about how the “Frankfurt School of socialist academics worked with members of the Rockefeller family in the 1950s to pave the way for rock music to “control the masses” by diverting attention from civil rights and social injustice.”

A d v e r t i s e m e n t
Castro’s decision to put the spotlight on Bilderberg, knowing that the international media would take the bait, produced a familiar outcome, with the corporate press repeating Bilderberg’s talking point that it represents nothing more than a casual get-together and has no power to set policy.

In reality, as we reported in June, Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers. As Willy Claes, former Secretary General of NATO revealed during a Belgian radio interview, members are required by Bilderberg to set the agreed upon policy within the environments they have influence over. This is why when a consensus is reached on certain issues at Bilderberg, such as the Euro single currency, the invasion of Iraq, and which politicians will run for major offices, it routinely then plays out in the real world.

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Bilderberg is now an open conspiracy, with the agenda for world government an undeniable reality and no longer the fodder for sophomoric jibes about conspiracy theories.

Two key Bilderberg films that contributed to this unraveling of Bilderberg’s cloak of secrecy were Alex Jones’ Endgame and The Obama Deception. In Endgame, Alex Jones bullhorns the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa Canada, garnering front page coverage in major newspapers as for the first time Bilderberg’s efforts to preserve their low profile agenda were blown wide open.

Two Films That Blew Bilderberg Wide Open

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The Miss America Pageant…how is this still a thing?
They claim to give more scholarships to women than any other organization, and, unfortunately, they’re right.
To illustrate these problems, John Oliver stages his own pageant with the help of Kathy Griffin.

Here are the links to the women’s scholarship funds that John mentioned on air:
Society of Women Engineers: http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org/
Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund: www.rankinfoundation.org
Patsy Mink Foundation: www.patsyminkfoundation.org

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“Conan In Cuba” Open – CONAN on TBS

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