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How a Castro-less Cuba Could Be America's Friend
Are the two countries headed toward something more than a relationship between “frenemies” (a term I heard more than once from actual Cubans when I visited the island recently)—especially after Cuba finally rids itself of its octogenarian …
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Healthcare access better for poor in Cuba than NM, says lawmaker
He had been a big landowner in Cuba when the revolution took over and he actually lived under the Cuban regime for a couple of years, right up until all his stuff was taken away. He left penniless … It's sort of ingrained in their culture. After 60 …
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Sanders makes a pilgrimage to Rome
An extremely conscious defender of capitalism, John Paul wrote the encyclical as a warning to the international bourgeoisie not to take the collapse of Stalinism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union to mean an end to the danger of socialist …
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Latest preps for 50th anniversary of Cuban revolution

Santiago – 23 July 2003
1. Wide shot exterior of Moncada Barracks
2. Gardener watering plants
3. Carpenter working
4. Painter working
5. Construction crew
6. Plants being removed from truck
7. Moncada barracks and work crews
8. Wide exterior of Moncada
9. Medium of gardeners
10. Worker carrying wood
11. Pan right Moncada and workers
12. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Vox Pop, Moncada worker:
“We are working with a lot of sacrifice. All the comrades are sharing in this activity.”
13. Tilt down of Moncada
14. Close up of worker hammering
15. Close up of “26 July” sign
16. Medium shot of flags

Havana – 24 July 2003
17. Preparations for festivity
18. Wide crowd dancing
19. Wide shot of musicians coming on stage
20. Close up of drummer setting up
21. Medium shot of child and old man on balcony
22. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Ernesto Cabrera, Artistic Director City of Havana:
“You can go from here to the Orient, to Santiago where they are celebrating carnival now. The flavour of the people, their warmth, you can feel it all over the island.”
23. Wide cutaway crowded street
24. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Moises Gonzalez, Band member “Crazy Man”:
“The 26 of July is a day of cultural activity across Cuba. We have to do it with love, with desire, with willingness…and go forward.”
25. Pan right of people dancing in street


Cubans around the island are preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Communist revolution on Saturday.

Saturday marks the day Fidel Castro and some 100 rebels first attempted to overthrow Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship back in 1953.

Castro’s plan was to overpower the Moncada Barracks in Santiago. Moncada was at the time Cuba’s second largest fort.

The attack on the barracks lacked the element of surprise and ended with most of Castro’s men being killed or arrested.

Fifty years later, Moncada is now a school. Its bullet riddled walls serve as a reminder to future generations that the revolution began here on 26 July 1953.

The building has been painted, the gardens spruced up, and 10-thousand chairs have been placed across the lawn.

Castro is expected to address Cuba’s 11-million population from the stage set at Moncada.

Those who do not live in the immediate area still feel very much part of the festivities.

They will be watching the event in one of the over 1-million Chinese television sets distributed by the Cuban government across the years.

In Havana, stages are being set up around town where free concerts will be held to celebrate the anniversary.

In the streets spirits are high and for the most part, celebrations have already begun.

The Cuban government declared Friday the 25th a national holiday, giving Cubans an unexpected three-day weekend.

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50 mujeres destacadas de Argentina
Fue la cara de 36 comerciales para Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brasil, México, USA, Alemania, entre otros. 20. Juliana Awada. … 22. Laura Devetach. Tiene una enorme y fructífera carrera como escritora de literatura infantil y juvenil, que se …
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Del fusil a los tacones: las mujeres de las FARC en Cuba
Explica que en la guerrilla los roles de discriminación por género no se dan ni en Cuba, ni en Colombia, “en la guerrilla no es la mujer la que lava, la que plancha, la que cocina, aquí somos todos, de acuerdo a una tarea asignada por la dirección, por …

La visita del papa Francisco a Cuba en dos ocasiones y sin cuestionar la violación de los derechos humanos dejó el indicio de que el Vaticano podría estar jugando las fichas de Vladimir Putin y la Rusia que quiere regresar como imperio y restaurar la …
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Sunwing vacation ends in 20-hour travel ordeal for Halifax passengers
A Sunwing flight from Cuba that was supposed to land at Halifax Stanfield International Airport became a 20-hour ordeal described by one passenger as a "gong show" that left some on board sobbing and vomiting. Flight WG6735 was delayed leaving Cuba, …

Cuba travel searches shoots up following friendlier relations with US
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Tricky Cuba Travel Questions – Answered
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Cuba's travel industry is on the cusp of change
Cuba has no multinational franchises such as McDonalds, KFC or Starbucks. You can't buy Coca Cola and there are a few international standard hotels outside the beach resort areas such as Varadero. And, for the great majority of travellers, this is an …

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Havana's New Beat: Electronic Music Is on the Rise in Cuba
Cuban culture remains carefully preserved and influential throughout the world, seeping through the embargo. But it also remains in many ways tied to another era, and electronic music is not part of the island's image, even as the genre's global …
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First U.S. Factory OK'd For Cuba Aims To Plow A Path Into 21st Century
When President Obama travels to Cuba next month — the first visit by a sitting U.S. president in nearly 90 years — it will mark a historic step on the path to normalizing relations with the island nation. While Obama is in Havana, two U.S …
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Cuban Allure, American Seduction exhibit to open at Wolfsonian-FIU
On the heels of renewed diplomatic relations and travel between the United States and Cuba, The Wolfsonian–FIU will explore images of pre-Revolution Cuban culture and the exotic in Promising Paradise: Cuban Allure, American Seduction, on view May 6 …
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