Mojito’s Cuban cook off with Ramsay – Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares USA Series 3

You’re a restaurant owner in crisis, the wolves are at the door, but the customers aren’t. You’ve got temperamental chefs in the kitchen, lazy waiting staff and the diners you do have aren’t satisfied. Desperate for restaurant resuscitation? Call in the restaurant trade’s equivalent of the Emergency Services – the inimitable, indomitable Gordon Ramsay.

Each week in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, a struggling restaurant receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment. With only a couple of weeks to turn around its flagging fortunes, nothing is sacred. There’s no time for polite small talk as Gordon reveals a few home truths to the exhausted, emotional restaurant owner or manager and embarks upon his mission to turn things around.

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America’s Test Kitchen Season 16 Trailer

Season 16 of America’s Test Kitchen begins January 2, 2016! Find your local listings and airtimes:

America’s Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television—over 2 million viewers tune in each week. In addition to the popular segments that viewers have come to love and trust, like equipment reviews, taste tests, and foolproof recipes, the 16th season will feature even more content and numerous visits with well-loved chefs!

The test kitchen chefs cook America’s favorite recipes with host Christopher Kimball and deconstruct each recipe to reveal the test kitchen’s secrets to foolproof cooking at home. This season includes 57 all-new recipes, including Raspberry Charlotte, Black Bean Burgers, Foolproof New York Cheesecake, Crispy Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Duck Fat–Roasted Potatoes, Cuban Braised Shredded Beef, Chicken Mole Poblano, Ultimate Charcoal-Grilled Steaks, Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, and more.

Jack Bishop heads up the Tasting Lab at America’s Test Kitchen and challenges host Christopher Kimball to taste-test supermarket staples. Based on the tastings completed in the test kitchen, Jack reveals the top recommendations for Brie, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, vegetable broth, smoked salmon, and more.

Adam Ried, the test kitchen’s equipment expert, takes host Christopher Kimball through his top equipment recommendations for the home cook. From cold brew coffee makers to knife sharpeners to steak knives and insulated shopping totes, Adam provides unbiased results from America’s Test Kitchen’s exhaustive testing.

America’s Test Kitchen tests hundreds of gadgets each year to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Gadget guru Lisa McManus reviews her favorite gadgets and reveals which ones are worth the cost— or not. Gadgets include large ice cream makers, waiter’s corkscrews, apple corers, warming trays, and many more.

The test kitchen chefs uncover the secrets to the best recipes that are quick and easy to make at home, including Homemade Ricotta Cheese, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Homemade Vegetable Broth, Fried Sweet Plantains, and more.

Man on the street Doc Willoughby travels to L&B Spumoni Gardens to learn about Sicilian-style pizza and then visits Bagel Hole to uncover their secrets to New York bagels. Doc also travels to La Carreta to learn about authentic Cuban cuisine and then visits Myers + Chang to learn about crispy shell-on shrimp.

Host Christopher Kimball answers common cooking questions from public television viewers right from his desk.

America’s Test Kitchen is shot just outside Boston. The test cooks are dedicated to finding the best methods for preparing foolproof home-cooked meals. The 2,500-square-foot test kitchen in which America’s Test Kitchen is shot is the same kitchen where three dozen full-time test cooks work, test- ing and retesting recipes 20, 30, and sometimes 50 times, until they find the recipe that they are confi- dent will work every time.

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In the Kitchen with Dr. Maiysha: Making a Banana Batido

Today, we are going to make a banana batido. The origin of the batido is Cuban. It’s a Cuban smoothie, or milkshake, but it’s usually made a huge amount of cream and whole milk, and really fattening. But if you love bananas and love Cuban food like I do, you’ve got to make it healthy. I’m so into turning not-so-healthy recipes into healthy recipes, so let’s get started.

All you need is:

4 baby bananas (or you can use a whole banana)
a little bit of almond milk (or rice milk, or 2% regular milk)
1/4 cup agave nectar
a few pieces of ice
a capful of organic vanilla extract

Put everything into your blender and blend it all up for about 30 seconds.


Aprende con este vídeo a preparar un delicioso batido de coco. La receta está explicada paso a paso de forma sencilla, para que os sea fácil hacerla. ¡Seguro que os saldrá riquísimo!

Espero que os guste y si tenéis alguna duda u opinión la dejéis en los comentarios.

Un saludo y hasta la próxima!

Cocina para Todos

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No Jodas Kitchen – Best Cuban Food Truck in L.A.

Their Cuban sandwich laden with slow-roasted pulled pork, ham, grilled onions, mustard, pickles, and their secret sauce oozed Swiss cheese when I took a bite. Read more at:

We tracked down ¡No Jodas! Kitchen at a classic car show at the LAPD’s training center in Westchester. After meeting them at the Hispanic Heritage Month kick-off two years ago downtown hosted by the Mayor, we knew ¡No Jodas! Kitchen was the best Cuban food truck in L.A.

5 Must-Try Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

We partnered with Hilton to share must-try Cuban sandwiches in Miami.

If you’re heading to Miami or a local looking to update your regular eats, we found the best spots for savoring Cuban sandwiches. And we’re talking everything from the traditional dripping with cheese and sauce to mashups, like Cuban reubens. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, and everyone loves putting their unique spin on the classic. But be warned – watching this video will leave you seriously craving a big bite of one of these sandwiches.

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