USA: People See Obama’s Visit to Cuba as Victory for the Island

USA: People See Obama's Visit to Cuba as Victory for the Island

On March 21st and 22nd, President Barack Obama will visit Cuba, making some wonder the true intentions of this push for a re-establishment of relations. Our correspondent Bianca Perez has the details.
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Cuba-U.S. talks mean big changes for people living there

Talks with the U.S. mean life in Cuba could be on the verge of changing. While many think this is a good thing, the people who live there are cautious.

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Keith Mullins OFFICIAL VID “Island Sol” Cape Breton/Cuba music collaboration!

“Island Sol” is a documentary/album project recorded at EGREM studios in Havana by Cape Breton musician Keith Mullins. Digital album release on iTunes, September 23rd, 2014. More vids to come!


“Island Sol”
written by: Keith Mullins and Lennie Gallant

In January 2014, Mullins along with album co-producer, Chris Kirby, TV producer, Jimmie Inch and cameraman, Ian McInnis went on an epic journey to record and document the making of Island Sol at the famous Egrem Studios in Havana Cuba.

A former resident of Cuba, Mullins has performed and toured with many Cuban musicians as a percussionist/drummer. For Island Sol, he put together a band of stellar Cuban musicians, including Jorge Chicoy named “The Jewel of Cuba” by Fidel Castro, who played guitar and tres on the recording along with Oliver Valdes Rey (drums), Tony Rodriguez (piano), Avi Garcia (bass), and Silvio Pupo (piano). Canadian musicians included Dwayne Cote (violin), Tim Isaac (cello), Chris Kirby (Dobro, organ), and Jamie Foulds (organ). In addition to lead vocals, Mullins played guitar and Cuban percussion.

The album also includes co-writes with Canadian songwriting heavyweights, Lennie Gallant, Gordie Sampson and Steven MacDougall. The first single and video is the title track, “Island Sol”. The video for the song can be viewed here: Island Sol

With a degree in classical music, Mullins has studied with master drummers in West Africa and Cuba. He has toured the world playing with some of East Coast’s finest musicians and has worked passionately at the art of music, from creation to performance.

Keith creates music from the soul; the instruments he uses to express it – drums, vocal, guitar – are all secondary. – The Chronicle Herald

Mullins recently co-wrote “Let You Down” featured on Matt Andersen’s latest album Weightless. His solo album, Localmotive Farm (2011) won the 2012 ECMA World Album of the Year and his children’s album, The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project (2011) won the 2012 ECMA Children’s Album of the Year and the 2012 Music Nova Scotia Children’s Album of the Year. Mullins also won the 2012 & 2013 Educator of the Year at the Music Nova Scotia Awards.

He is currently nominated for 2014 Musician of the Year and Educator of the Year at this year’s Music Nova Scotia Awards in November.

Guitar: Jorge Chicoy
Bass: Avi Garcia
Piano: Tony Rodriguez
Drums: Oliver Valdes Rey
At EGREM studios in Havana, Cuba
Video produced by Jimmie Inch and KM
Video Editing: Jimmie Inch and Patrick Lanctot
Cameraman: Ian McInnis
Audio Production: Chris Kirby and KM
Mix: Jamie Foulds
Master: Tom Waltz
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Cuba – Island of Music – full movie free watch on YouTube

Tanzen, wie Cubaner tanzen? Können Europäer auch! Tanzen lernen, wie Cubaner tanzen! An der

Die Latin Dance Academy in Hamburg unter der Leitung der cubanischen Choreographin Requena Delgado ist europäischer Kooerationspartner des cubanischen Fernsehballets (Compañia de Ballet de la Television Cubana) und des ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte) in La Habana und mit aktuell mehr als 1.200 aktiven Schülern die weltweit größte Dance Academy für cubanische Tänze.

Rumba, Afro, Salsa, Son, Mambo, ChaChaChá, Reggaeton – Cubaton, Orishas, Pilon, Mozambique, Conga, Despelote, SalsaSuelta, Merengue, Bachata und natürlich Rueda de Casino – die ganze Vieffalt der cubanischen Tänze wird hier nicht nur unterrichtet, hier wird sie gelebt.

Und die Salsa-Trainings-DVD-Reihe gibt es begleitend auf

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BBC Documentary : Cuba , The Wild Island – Mind blowing Documentaries

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Cuba: Memories of Havana & an Island Culture

With Cuba in the news we look back 35 years to our first experiences of filming the island post revolution when it was caught up in the web of superpowers. Our travel experience started in Havana with a tale of two cities – the modern produced by the Revolution and the Colonial the remains of a time when Cuba was part of the Spanish Empire. From our archives we feature visits to La Bodeguita del Medio and La Floridita – restaurants each with their own distinctive cuisine and drinks made famous by Ernest Hemingway. We spent one evening enjoying the lavish entertainment at the Tropicana and another at an authentic Afro-Cuban folklore night. Our travels include the small town of Trinidad – an architectural gem and home to the House of Music. For more information: visit and check out episode #161 in the International category

A rich blend of cultures from across the Caribbean and around the world, Cuba is unlike any other country. Join us on an exclusive journey as we spend seven nights in the cities of Trinidad and Havana, soaking in the island’s timeless culture, history, and art. While in Trinidad visit many historic cathedrals and tour the city with your local guide. Enjoy four nights at Havana’s landmark Hotel Nacional. Visit the Bay of Pigs Museum and discover Old Havanna’s architecture. Meet a Cuban family in their very own paladar, a privately owned restaurant. Step inside the home of Ernest Hemingway, almost unchanged from the time the author left in 1960. Explore a former sugar factory and savor a lunch of local specialties. Visit an orphanage and meet with the nuns who have dedicated their lives to helping the children. Throughout your exploration, come to know the Cuban people as few have.

Popular Cuban musicians living in exile return to island

Famous Cuban artists who left the island over the last decade are returning to their homeland of late to put on concerts and connect with Cuban fans.

The homecoming represents a new era in the history of communist Cuba, which over the last 60 years saw the trend of musicians often losing connection to their homeland after their exodus. Indeed, Cuban musicians often found themselves criticized for looking for better opportunities in countries like the United States.

The duet of the Valdivia brothers, Kelly and and Ellis, who go by the names “Kelly” and “Bonny” respectively, left Cuba in 2006 for the Dominican Republic and Spain. But Cuban concert halls and public squares are also showcasing their rhythm. The brothers recently returned to the island and even began working for state company EGREM Recording Studios in Havana.

The return of these artists comes at a time when the government of President Raul Castro has undertaken reforms to update the traditional Cuban economic model. Reforms have included a more flexible immigration bill that is making the entrance and exit of Cubans abroad easier.

Speaking to Reuters, one of the brothers exhibited a lack of enmity with the Cuban island.

“This return is after about six years, six, seven years [of being away]. [I’m] thrilled to belong to the Musicuba catalogue, our company EGREM, Musicuba and work for our fans, which is really where we are coming from. We have always raised the Cuban flag with pride, but you know, the artist belongs to the world and always has to be willing to work everywhere. And we are delighted to represent Cuba anywhere in the world,” said one of the singers from the duet Bonny and Kelly, 32-year-old Ebblis Valdivia.

But their decision to return has revived old grudges by a community of exiled Cubans living in Florida, many of whom emigrated after the revolution led by former Cuban President Fidel Castro in 1959.

Recently, Cuban musicians have received threats by exiled hardliners who have sought to hinder some of their shows in Miami as a form of punishment for engaging with Castro-ite Cuba. Regardless, more and more Cubans on the island are successfully performing in the United States.

“These days there’s the tendency to be more and accepting. The old tensions like the the one between the the U.S. and Cuba is an old way of thinking. And so with music, music has contributed to better understanding.” said the other brother, 32-year-old Kelly Valdivia.

Another performer who has returned to the island is salsa musician Isaac Delgado, who in 2007 moved to the United States.

He explained the importance of maintaining a link with your homeland, even if it can never be home again.

“When we are away from where we come from, our family, our people, well, it’s hard even though people don’t think it is, or it is at least for artists and singers. We need to breathe this Cuban air. And so what we have simply done, or many of us, or at least in my case, is not having played music in eight years. but now what I am doing is returning to Cuba to perform, but no never, never is my country part of my life and so what I think, or what most of us thinks is that we are here for only a visit,” he said.

Delgado, who shot to fame with his classic version of Celia Cruz’s “La Vida es un Carnaval” (Life is a Carnival) and was nominated in 2001 for a Grammy Award, traveled with his family abroad late in 2006 and did not return to Cuba. His group of 11 musicians then returned to Cuba.

“Honestly, what I most want is for all the people I have met over the years outside of Cuba, who are immensely talented, is to come here and test their abilities, and show and teach what they have learnt outside. I think that’s the most logical thing and what I wish for the most and I think it is imminent. I think this is encouraging people to come to Cuba, and it’s all about what people want in their hearts, whether it’s love for your country, family and the desire to express it in your home country, which is what I think is the ideal situation to not have any fear about saying and expressing what you feel,” he added.

Until now, after Cuban musicians emigrated their music was no longer played on state radio and television. But Mario Escalona, CEO of state EGREM Recording Studios, told Reuters that their policy has always struck a different chord.

“Cuba has its doors open and we [EGREM] as an institution in all our years of working with musicians have never shut our doors on musicians, they’ve always been open,”

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Cuba L.A. is a collective of West Coast musicians who share an interest in Cuban music, and, most of them are of Cuban descent as well. Their leader is Danilo Lozano, a classically-trained flautist and a professor of music.

Cuba LA es un colectivo de músicos de la Costa Oeste que comparten un interés en la música cubana, y, la mayoría de ellos son de origen cubano. Su líder es Danilo Lozano, un flautista de formación clásica y profesor de música.

“Guantanamera” (Spanish: “from Guantánamo [feminine]”, thus “woman from Guantánamo”) is perhaps the best known Cuban song and that country’s most noted patriotic song.
The music for the song is attributed to José Fernández Diaz, known as Joseíto Fernández who claimed to have written it at various dates (consensus puts 1929 as its year of origin).

From the album: Cuba L.A. – “Dos”
Tracklist / Lista de las canciones:

1. Kila Quique Y Chocolate
2. La Mora
3. Lagrimas Negras
4. El Guararei De Pastora
5. Whisper Not
6. Popurri De Congas
7. Danzon Legrand
8. La Mujer De Antonio
9. Drume Negrita
10. Guantanamera
11. Delirio
12. Semillas

Personnel: Carlos Parra, Iris Sandra Cepeda (vocals); Ramon Stagnaro (tres); Pablo Mendez (violin, background vocals); Danilo Lozano (flute); Luis Eric (trumpet, flugelhorn); Harry Kim (trumpet); Francisco Torres (trombone); Alberto Salas (piano); Carlos Puerto (bass); Michito Sanchez (bongos, clave, bata, guiro, marimbula, cowbell); Luis Conte (bongos, congas, cajon, bata, maracas, percussion); Orestes Vilato (timbales, cowbell, background vocals).

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Cuba an island of Dreams A Cultural and Historical Description Documentary

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Travel To Havana Cuba Documentary – The Bibles Modern Day Garden Of Eden Travel to havana Cuba, formally the Republic of Cuba, is an island country in the C.

Fidelity is a documentary by Alessandra Magnaghi & Ortensia Visconti, shot in Cuba in July 2006, when Fidel Castro disappeared from the political scene pas.

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Cuban Island Cayo Santa Maria

Beach of the Hotel Melia Buenavista at Cayo Santa Maria.

Watch also part 2!

Cayo Santa Maria is an island located north of Cuba in the Jardines del Rey archipelago well known for its luxury all inclusive resorts.
The principal buildings on the island are five large hotels, on the northern shore where there are extensive beaches. The island is linked to the mainland near Caibarién by a 48 km causeway.
The island is administered as part of Villa Clara Province.

Cayo Santa Maria est une île située au nord de Cuba dans l’archipel Jardines del Rey. L’île abrite quatre grands hôtels près des grandes plages de la côte nord, dont le premier a ouvert fin 2001. Elle est relié à Cuba par une route d’environs 50km,qui ne compte pas moins de 48 ponts,son tracé contourne les mangroves(habitat des flamants roses et autres échassiers) ce chef d’oeuvre de génie civil a été achevé en 2000.

Cayo Santa María es una isla ubicada al norte de Cuba en el archipiélago Jardines del Rey, al sur del Archipiélago de las Bahamas.
Los principales edificios de la isla son tres grandes hoteles, en la orilla norte, donde hay extensas playas. La isla está unida a la tierra, cerca de Caibarién por una calzada 48 kilómetros.
La isla es administrada como parte de la Provincia de Villa Clara. Posee 13 kilómetros cuadrados de superficie.1

კაიო-სანტა-მარია (ესპ. Cayo Santa Maria) — კუნძული კუბის ჩრდილოეთით, ხარდინეს-დელ-რეის არქიპელაგში. ცნობილია მდიდრული, ყოვლისმომცველი კურორტებით (All-inclusive resort).
კუნძულის მთავარ შენობებს წარმოადგენს ჩრდილოეთ სანაპიროს ვრცელ პლაჟებთან მდებარე ხუთი დიდი სასტუმრო. კუბის ძირითად ნაწილთან, კერძოდ კაიბარიენის მუნიციპალიტეტთან დაკავშირებულია 48 კმ-იანი დამბით.
კაიო-სანტა-მარია ადმინისტრაციულად ვილია-კლარას პროვინციის შემადგებლობაში შედის.

Ilha Santa Maria é uma ilha localizada ao norte de Cuba no arquipélago Jardins do Rei, ao sul do Arquipélago das Bahamas.
Os principais edifícios da ilha são três grandes hotéis, na margem norte, onde há extensas praias. A ilha está unida a terra, cerca de Caibarién por uma calçada de 48 quilômetros.
A ilha é administrada como parte da Província de Villa Clara.

Voyage Cayo Santa Maria Cuba
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