Cuban Food & Tropical Juices: Palacio de los Jugos in Miami

Hello Hoppers! Whenever I am in Miami I always make sure I get some Cuban food! Pork, rice, tropical fruit, and finish off with some sweet Cuban coffee (I LOVE this stuff). Today’s video was filmed at Palacio de los Jugos, or Juice Palace, located at 5721 W. Flagler St in Miami. They serve typical home-cooked Cuban food. This place is amazing. It is so authentic and real, and you’ll see, the people are super friendly. It is definitely worth a visit.

Want to see more on Cuban food (starts at min 4:46), go to my video
Miami Lifestyle: Beyond Beaches and Parties

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Cuban cuisine: Food porn and the state of gastronomy in Havana

There has been a reduction of food choices in Cuba because of accessibility of foods and a continual lack of variety, especially for low-income families who have been forced to adjust their eating habits to include only foods that are affordable on the national currency, CUP. Food service providers have no interest in offering good customer service or diverse products because the people cannot afford the foreign currencies required to have better quality. However, foreign currency markets are replete with a variety of foods and better customer service. This may due to the government being more interested in receiving foreign currency than providing adequate food for its people.
The Story of Free Cuba

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Not all street food’s on wheels – in fact, for centuries cultures have eaten their version of street food in open air outdoor markets and bazaars. In Miami, part of that tradition lives on at El Palacio de los Jugos – The Juice Palace. The name first came from their original business – creating delicious fresh juices from classic Cuban fruits and veggies. However, today the Palace in Palacio certainly shines strong! The place is a mecca of classic Cuban culture and cuisine. From Cafe Cubana (Cuban Coffee) to Chicharon (friend pork rinds), El Palacio offers some of the most amazing Cuban cuisine I’ve had here in The States.

Cafe Bolero: Good Cuban Food Chicago – 773-227-9000. Cafe Bolero Chicago features Cuban cuisine and is one of Chicago’s Cuban Restaurants that derives its authentic atmosphere from Cuban heritage and ties to local the Cuban community. Serving authentic Cuban cuisine in Logan Square, Cafe Bolero has a diverse menu of delicious Cuban dishes, including Seafood Paella, Arroz con Pollo & Cuban Pork Sandwiches. Specializing in home-made Mojitos and Sangria, Cafe Bolero rounds out the its original dining experiencing with Live Cuban Music every Tuesday and Thursday night
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Drunk Americans Try Drunk Food From Around The World

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