Havana Jazz Festival

The Havana Jazz Festival is held in late december every year. Chucho Valdez is the artistic director and it attracts the best of Cubas Jazz players and many International performers. Cuban Cultural Travel has a tour that takes in the best of Cuba’s history, arts, culture and sights and culminates at the Havana Jazz Festival. For details. http://cubanculturaltravel.com/
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CUBA in Brighton 2015 (Promo) The International Salsa/Afro-Cuban Dance & Music Festival

CUBA in Brighton 2015 (Promo) The International Salsa/Afro-Cuban Dance & Music Festival

CUBA in Brighton Salsa/Afro-Cuban International Dance and Music Festival by the Sea. – The most unique and authentic Home feel like CUBA Festival in UK. www.cubainbrightonfestival.com

This unique (annual) international festival promotes Cuban dance, music and culture through the eyes of the artists. From 12-15 of June 2015 in Brighton, England

By day you will be refining your techniques in the numerous workshops and master classes and by night there will be dancing with popular bands, Djs and professional shows performed by invited national and international dance troupes and professional dancers.

Join in the evolution of Cuban dance covering Traditional Son, Son Montuno, Afro Contemporary, Danzon, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Casino,Rueda De Casino, Afro Cuban, Orisha, Congo/Palo, Arara, Pilon, Mozambique, Footwork & Cuban Styling, Body Isolation & Movement, Reggaeton, Cubaton, Rumba, Yambu, Guaguanco, Columbia, Master Lecturers on Santeria & Arara Dances plus.. CinB2015 your unique annual international festival that promotes Cuban dance, music and culture through the eyes of the artists by the Sea!- Created by Damarys Farres of Cuban School of Arts in association with Leo Henriquez of Cubashe Dance Promotions.( Both native Cuban promoters, and qualified dance teachers)
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US-backed music festival headed to Cuba

Buena Fé
Cuba Music
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US-backed music festival headed to Cuba
MIAMI — The United States and Cuba have forged all kinds of new ties over the past year, from re-establishing diplomatic relations to new business deals. Now, a New York-based group is about to export another U.S. specialty to the communist nation …
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Explore Afro-Cuban heritage hot spots
In Cuba, music is part of every-day life and an important feature of its past. Here's a list of sites, ranging from jazz spots to churches, that capture the Afro-Cuban influence. Havana. Callejon de Hamel (Hamel Alley) features grande-sized murals on …
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Alex Cuba and the healing power of music
Alex Cuba believes in the healing power of music. "When it's not manipulated to sound like something else, music is a healer," Cuba told Radioactive host Portia Clark, "And that's why I named the album Healer." "Music has healed me. I feel healthy, I …
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Presencia Cubana: The Cuban Music Festival at Echo Park

PRESENCIA CUBANA AT ECHO PARK in LA is a free Music Festival which was established in 1993 to celebrate the cultural heritage of Cubans in Southern California. A main focus of the festival is maintaining the historic Jose Marti Monument at Echo Park. The festival is the biggest block party in Southern California reigniting the new design of Echo Park as the center of Cuban history in LA. Experience Cuban music, dance, art and food as they fuse under the majestic trees by the lake Sunday, May 18, 2014. Contribute at INDIEGOGO Crowd Funding Site
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Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival | Festival Puertorriqueño y Cubano 2013

The Annual Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival (PRC Fest) launches Carnaval Américas!


This is our 7th PRC Festival! Our mission is to disseminate the Puerto Rican & Cuban Cultures within the City of Houston and it’s surrounding communities. We want to enlighten and educate the audience through dance, art, music and food. Our event supports and promotes other ethnic organizations and their mission, by providing a venue for unification for our Spanish Caribbean citizens and the general market. Most importantly, the PRC Festival empowers our youth to become accomplished, self-directed, and collaborative citizen who boldly contribute to an increasingly complex and evolving world by engaging in leadership roles, relevant experiences and building positive relationships while embracing the uniqueness of each individual.

Our event is done annually to support the continuous efforts to disseminate the Puerto Rican and Cuban cultures within the city of Houston. We also want to teach our children about our roots, assisting them with their self-esteem, identity and letting them know that they have a strong support group. Additionally, we are educating the citizens of the City of Houston about who we are and asking them to embrace our cultures in a friendly and festive environment.

We receive strong support from many businesses and cultural organizations within the city of Houston, Puerto Rico and across the United States for which we are very grateful!

Moreover, Ferrer Productions decided to launch another event, Carnaval Américas, themed after Calle Ocho in Miami. Our event promises total inclusion of all of the Latin American countries represented in Houston. Additionally, Carnaval Américas will include music, food and culture from all over Latin America, bringing our community together to one event in one day. Calle Ocho, in Miami, attracts over 1.5 million visitors every year. Due to Houston’s continuous population growth, Carnaval Américas, with strong support from our presenting Sponsors and Media Partners, Univision Radio (Tu Musica 104.9, Recuerdo 106.5), TELEMUNDO Houston and KRBE 104.1 the number 1 Pop Radio Station in Houston, we invite everyone in Houston and its surrounding cities throughout the state of Texas, to join us and enjoy the rich Hispanic multicultural experience that features Latin American traditions in music, art, entertainment and culinary pleasures.
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CUBA PARIS HILTON-NAOMI CAMPBELL(Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell attend Havana cigar festival)

Celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton and supermodel Naomi Campbell wowed cigar smokers in Havana, Cuba on Friday (February 27) night as they attended the last night of the city’s famed cigar festival.

Hilton took the opportunity to visit the communist-run Caribbean island nation after travel restrictions were eased in the wake of the announcement by U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro to re-establish diplomatic ties in December.

“It’s my first time here, it’s such a beautiful place, I love all the people and I’m so happy to be here,” said Hilton.

Hilton’s family owned the Havana Hilton which was nationalized by Fidel Castro in 1960 and has been renamed the Habana Libre. She said she had not visited the hotel yet.

“Not yet, but I did see it, yeah. Old Havana Hilton,” she said.

Following December’s announcement, the Obama administration lifted a series of limitations on trade and travel last month and the U.S. president, a Democrat, called for an end to the decades-old economic embargo on Cuba. The embargo would have to be lifted by the Republican-controlled Congress, overcoming resistance from some members fiercely opposed to the rapprochement.

Havana’s annual cigar festival has attracted aficionados from near and far for some 17 years.

Korea Today – Cuba Culture Festival 쿠바문화예술축제

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Cuba Culture Festival
South Korea and Cuba do not have established ties, but Korean dramas have been gaining great popularity on national Cuban television. Continuing on that trend, the Cuban cultural festival will be held in Seoul from Aug. 2-9, according to the foreign ministry. The festival will be held in Seoul from Aug. 2-4, and then will move onto PyeongChang, Daegu, Andong and Suncheon from Aug.7-9.
외교부와 한국국제교류재단이 공동 주최하는 쿠바문화예술축제는 2일부터 9일까지 서울, 평창, 대구 등에서 ‘카리브의 열정, 쿠바를 즐겨라’는 주제로 열린다.
쿠바는 한국과 미수교국이다. 양국은 과거 민간협회 차원의 교류는 있었지만 정부 공식 채널을 통해 문화교류를 하는 것은 이번이 처음이다.
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