Rice and Beans: Cuban Cuisine

Rice and Beans: Cuban Cuisine

Isaac Bedford and I traveled to Cuba with 10 other kids in our Cinematic Arts class from Mira Costa High School to make movies in Cuba.

The food of any country is a major factor in shaping the unique culture of that country. Cuba is a perfect example of this. When we were there, the landscape was never interrupted by big yellow and red McDonalds signs or any green cups of Starbucks littering the streets. The Cuban landscape is full of life, and Rice and Beans.

Cuban cuisine: Food porn and the state of gastronomy in Havana

There has been a reduction of food choices in Cuba because of accessibility of foods and a continual lack of variety, especially for low-income families who have been forced to adjust their eating habits to include only foods that are affordable on the national currency, CUP. Food service providers have no interest in offering good customer service or diverse products because the people cannot afford the foreign currencies required to have better quality. However, foreign currency markets are replete with a variety of foods and better customer service. This may due to the government being more interested in receiving foreign currency than providing adequate food for its people.

The Story of Free Cuba

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Not all street food’s on wheels – in fact, for centuries cultures have eaten their version of street food in open air outdoor markets and bazaars. In Miami, part of that tradition lives on at El Palacio de los Jugos – The Juice Palace. The name first came from their original business – creating delicious fresh juices from classic Cuban fruits and veggies. However, today the Palace in Palacio certainly shines strong! The place is a mecca of classic Cuban culture and cuisine. From Cafe Cubana (Cuban Coffee) to Chicharon (friend pork rinds), El Palacio offers some of the most amazing Cuban cuisine I’ve had here in The States.