Shane Smith’s Debrief on Cuba’s Cultural Exchange with the U.S.

Shane Smith's Debrief on Cuba's Cultural Exchange with the U.S.

On March 21st, President Obama became the first sitting American president to visit Cuba in 88 years. At the 2015 Summit of the Americas, we discussed the political thawing of relationships between Cuba and the United States, and how music and culture are helping bridge the divide between two former enemies.

Shane went to Cuba to see how the country’s people relate to American culture, ahead of President Obama’s historic visit. This is his debrief.

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Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

Exploring Cuba's Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

Corrected Credits:
Director of Photography: Matthew Pappas
Field Audio Engineer: Raymel Casamayor
Camera Operator: Javier Deulofeu
Additional Camera: Orlando Rosales
Editor: Shane Annas

Cuba’s skate scene has no funding, very few resources and not much to speak of in terms of a skate park. But despite those obstacles, the scene is growing, thanks in part to organizations like Cuba Skate and the kids that want to see it furthered.

In Part 1, we meet a couple local skateboarders who show us how they’ve stayed motivated to skate and take Ishod Wair, Lucien Clarke, Andrew Reynolds, and special guest photographer Arto Saari to check out some of the best skate spots in the country. Presented by Stance.

Skate the Night: Exploring London’s Best Spots Under Cover of Darkness:

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Latin Formation - Cuba 2012 (DJ Rebel StreetDance 2 Remix)

Street Dance 2 (Original Soundtrack)
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Cuba’s Classic Cars

Concept Cars of the 40s, 50s and 60s.
Photos of old American and European cars on the streets of Havana and suburbs. Many used daily as taxis and others well cared for classics. The taxis are usually refitted with diesel engines and the chassis are reconfigured with beam front axles replacing the original coil spring A-arm suspension. Cuban mechanics have an amazing talent for keeping them running.

CNN’s Patrick Oppmann visits drag races in Cuba where classic cars are put to the test. To License This Clip, Click Here:
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Learning from Cuba’s Response to Peak Oil

Peak Moment #27: Megan Quinn of The Community Solution discusses her visit to Cuba, and the movie “The Power of Community”. This young woman sees Peak Oil as an opportunity to create the communities we want, but notes that we must reduce our consumption despite environmentalists’ assurances that biofuels will save us.
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Cuba’s Human Rights Still A Hurdle Ahead Of Kerry’s Visit – Newsy

Cuba's Human Rights Still A Hurdle Ahead Of Kerry's Visit - Newsy

Secretary of State John Kerry will visit the American embassy in Cuba, though the island nation and the U.S. still have a lot of issues to work out.

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U.S. Department of State

Washington Office on Latin America
U.S. Department of State

USA Today
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Voice of America
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Miami Herald

Image via: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

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U.S. Raises Flag Over Embassy in Cuba

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry raises the American flag over the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, marking a historic moment for U.S.-Cuba relations. WSJ U.S. editor Glenn Hall joins Lunch Break. Photo: Pablo Martinez Monisavais/Press Pool

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Cuba’s Castro to travel to New York for U.N. General Assembly

Cuban President Raul Castro is set to address the U.N. General Assembly this month, the United Nations announced on Tuesday, the first time the Cuban leader will visit the United States as the island nation’s head of state.

The latest public schedule for the General Assembly’s annual gathering of world leaders – the so-called General Debate – lists Castro as speaking on the afternoon of Sept. 28. U.S. President Barack Obama and the leaders of Russia and China and Iran’s president are also due to speak on the same day.

Neither the White House nor the Cuban government had an immediate response to queries about whether Castro and Obama might meet on the sidelines of the General Assembly meeting, which begins on Sept. 25 with a speech by Pope Francis ahead of a three-day summit on global development. It ends on Oct. 3.

The White House has not yet released details of Obama’s schedule while in New York. In addition to his Sept. 28 speech to the General Assembly, the United Nations says he is due to address the development summit on Sept. 27.

It would be the first visit to the United States as president for Castro, 84, who took over for his ailing brother Fidel provisionally in 2006 and definitively in 2008.

Castro has made only one known visit to the United States, briefly visiting Houston in 1959 shortly after the Castro brothers led the revolution that toppled U.S.-backed strongman Fulgencio Batista.

Castro and Obama stunned the world last Dec. 17 by announcing détente following more than half a century of Cold War animosity between the two countries separated by 90 miles (145 km) of sea. That led to the restoration of diplomatic relations on July 20 after a 54-year break.

Fidel Castro holds the record for the longest speech at the United Nations at four and a half hours. “We shall endeavor to be brief,” he told the United Nations General Assembly in 1960, before launching into his marathon address.
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Law of the Land Series: Cuba’s Color Line

Professor Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, an associate professor of Constitutional Law at John Jay College in New York City, is author of “Race, Law and American Society:1607 to Present” and “The U.S. Constitution: An African-American Context.” She is a published journalist with articles and legal commentary appearing in multiple forms of media including newspapers, blogs and on radio nationwide. She is also the Founder/Director of “The Law and Policy Group, Inc.”

“Law of the Land” is created and written by Professor Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, JP/MA, and produced by Amala Lane, Audio Visual Services, John Jay College.

The U.S. and Cuba’s Complicated History Explained

Where Do Prisoners Go After Guantánamo?
What is Communism?

For decades, relations between the U.S. and Cuba have been complicated. So, what’s the history between these two neighboring countries?

Learn More:
Obama lands in Cuba as first US president to visit in nearly a century
“‘This is a historic visit,” Obama said as he greeted US Embassy staff and their families at a Havana hotel. “It’s an historic opportunity to engage with the Cuban people.'”

Cuba Sanctions: Legislative Restrictions Limiting the Normalization of Relations
“Since the early 1960s, U.S. policy toward Cuba has consisted largely of isolating the island nation through comprehensive economic sanctions, including an embargo on trade and financial transactions.”

The Cuban Missile Crisis
“The Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 was a direct and dangerous confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War and was the moment when the two superpowers came closest to nuclear conflict.”

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US Flag raised in Havana Cuba’s American Embassy

The USA re-opened it’s embassy in Cuba more than 54 years after it was closed, in a step signalling the warming of ties between both countries.
John Kerry, the first US Secretary of State to visit Cuba in 70 years, presided over the ceremony in Havana……

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Cuba’s Cold War Hot Rods

Enter Mechanic David Bordo’s garage in Havana and you will find a history of Cuba. American classic cars, called “Yank Tanks,” from the 1950s give way to boxy Soviet era cars like his pimped out 1970 Lada. He took us went for a ride.

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