Learn Cuban Salsa: Sencillo

Sencillo is a basic Cuban salsa turn commonly taught in Miami dance schools. In Cuba, this move is taught as Mírame Pero No Me Toques. Sencillo is similar to a one-handed Setenta. Learn more at http://dancepapi.com.

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Salsa Cubana Instructors: Nicholas Van Eyck and Serena Wong

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Cuban salsa group playing on the street

I was walking around in Havana Vieja, towards China Town, when I heard music playing. Then I saw the crowd around a group playing…
Too bad the last battery on my camera died on me just before the real fun started!

You can notice the there are cops singing and playing, and soldiers dancing…
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1931 HITS ARCHIVE: Cuban Love Song – Paul Whiteman (Jack Fulton & The Romancers, vocal)

Lawrence Tibbett and Lupe Velez sang this on-screen in the 1931 MGM film “The Cuban Love Song.”

Transferred from the original 78rpm: Victor 22834 – Cuban Love Song (Stothart-McHugh-Fields) by Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra, vocal by Jack Fulton and The Romancers, recorded in Chicago October 6, 1931

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THE 1931 HITS ARCHIVE – a collection of commercial recordings and songs that proved popular during the calendar year 1931 (some were recorded in 1930) via sales, jukebox play, or radio exposure…plus some others that have gained increased recognition or have been shown to have had an impact during the decades that followed.

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“Casino style” Salsa dancing — Chinese man with Cuban woman

I can’t even remember where I first saw this clip, but it’s from a Cuban television show called “Para Bailar Casino,” sometime in 2005. This particular style of Salsa dancing had usually been unique to Cuba and Miami, but has been slowly spreading to wherever Salsa dancing happens around the world. So, it’s still fairly rare to see a Chinese guy (or any non-Cuban) who is this skilled at casino style Salsa. He has plenty of moves but, more importantly, he captures the fun spirit of the dance. The crowd obviously responds well, as you see them stand up and cheer!

In the video clip, there is a caption saying the name of the Chinese man is “You Fei Huo,” but apparently his real name is Yaofei Huo. For us English speakers, he goes by “David” Huo. 🙂 He teaches in Beijing, China at a place called Casa De David, and more personal background information can be found on these webpages:



I wish I knew the name of the female dancer but, unfortunately, I don’t. 🙁

The song to which they are dancing is called “Esto Te Pone La Cabeza Mala” by Los Van Van.

FaZe Cuban: Clan History and Updates

Hey guys some updates and some clans in my past.
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Thanks to kidohz for help me with the subtitles 😀

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Today we’re going to take a closer look at a man who went from selling garbage bags to one of the most prolific entrepreneur billionaires in America. This is the story of Dallas Mavericks owner and successful entrepreneur Mark Cuban and the top 3 lessons that you can learn from his success.

“To retire by the age of 35 was my goal. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there though. I knew I would end up owning my own business someday, so I figured my challenge was to learn as much as anyone about every and all businesses..” – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban (born July 31, 1958) is the well-known outspoken and brash owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team who wears his heart on his sleeve and, as a result, is prone to many well-publicized outbursts. But, the billionaire Cuban is also an entrepreneur at heart, having created more start-ups in his early years than most others in a lifetime. However, this is not the way Cuban started out. His upbringing was middle class, with a housewife for a mother and his father and uncle working in an upholstery shop. He began selling garbage bags to local residents at the age of 12 and this was the start of his entrepreneurship career. He graduated from Mount Lebanon High School in 1976, but not before establishing a reputation as a hustler. Looking back, Cuban guesses that his classmates would have predicted he would either wind up in jail or owning a business. Thankfully, it was the latter that would prove to be correct.

Cuban got his first real job selling franchises for a company called Tronics 2000, a TV repair shop. He left after just four months when his idea to branch out into computer repairs was met with rejection. “They just didn’t see a future in computers,” Cuban recalls. Unemployed, Cuban began to ask himself what kind of business he could start on his own. “I saw an ad for somebody selling powdered milk and I thought everybody needs milk like they need garbage bags,” he said. So, Cuban created a company to sell powdered milk, but it was a self-admitted disaster. After four failed businesses, he began working for Your Business Software, an IT company, but was later fired. Cuban convinced some of its other employees to leave the company and join him in his latest venture, MicroSolutions. It was to be a system integrator and reseller for various IT companies, including IBM and Apple. In just eight years, the company had sold over 500 networks that ranged in size from two to over 1,000 users. By investing in cutting-edge technology and providing outstanding customer service, MicroSolutions had become a major player in the promising new IT industry — so major, that in 1990, Cuban sold the company to CompuServe, Inc. for million.

Action Item #1: Know More Than Anyone Else

Action Item #2: Don’t Use Shortcuts

Action Item #3: Learn From Your Failures


“The thrill of victory in business blows away the thrill of victory in sports. Business is a sport 24x7x365.”

“It’s always the little decisions that have the biggest impact.”

“There is very little knowledge that can’t be obtained through effort. With knowledge you can determine the state of any business or opportunity and find a course to gain an advantage.”

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This Week In History: Cuban Missile Crisis

This Week In History: 53 year ago, America and the Soviet Union were on a collision course over Cuba. OANN’s Pearson Sharp tells us just how close both nations came to plunging into World War Three.

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