Genuine Cuban Coffee – Old Havana, Cuba

We were led to a place that served great Cuban coffee, and with Chef Hiro’s love with this drink, we were happy to follow him to the end to the world.

We were thinking that the beans were imported from Italy or Colombia but no, they were from Cuba. It was indeed some really good stuff, and on a scale of 1-5, Chef Hiro rated it a 4.5. Not bad at all 🙂
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Cuban Coffee: What Will Lifting The US Embargo On Cuba Do For The Cuban Coffee Industry

SUNDAY Coffee: Cuban Coffee & The US Embargo On Cuba
Today we will be speaking with Amanda Cepero of The Cuba Mountain Coffee Co., ( ) in London, to learn more about the coffee industry in the country of Cuba. Also, we will look at the potential of the coffee market in Cuba should the current trade embargo from the United States be lifted.
Some of the topics covered:
1. The history of coffee in Cuba
2. The environmental characteristics that contribute to growing coffee in Cuba
3. The coffee culture in Cuba
4. Current restrictions on Cuban coffee in the United States
5. Cuban style coffee v/s 100% Cuban coffee.
6. Could Cuba meet US demand should the embargo on Cuba be lifted?
7. What is the vision of The Cuba Mountain Coffee Co for Cuban coffee?

Thanks to Amanda Cepero and the Cuba Mountain Coffee Company for taking the time to talk to us today about Cuban coffee!
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How to Make Cuban-Style Stovetop Espresso Coffee : Making Coffee

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