El Islam en Cuba, Ramadan 2010

Noticia sobre los musulmanes en Cuba, Ramadán 2010. By CNN
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El Presidente Juan Manuel Santos calificó este miércoles como una gran noticia para la región y para el mundo, los anuncios hechos por su homólogo de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, sobre la iniciación de un proceso para restablecer las relaciones con Cuba

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[Full documentary] CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism [2010]

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Full-length documentary produced by RATB in 2010 explaining the role of socialist Cuba in the world and the modern challenges it faces in its development amidst world capitalist crisis.


“An insightful and provocative study of major changes taking place in Cuba today. The Cuban economist interviewed explains things extremely well. Necessary viewing for all seeking to understand contemporary Cuba.”

John Kirk – professor of Latin American Studies at Dalhousie University, Canada. He has published several books about Cuban international relations, history and culture. His most recent publication, co-authored with Professor Michael Erisman, ‘Cuba’s Medical Internationalism: Origins, Evolution and Goals’, was published in 2009 by Palgrave Macmillan.

“A great little film with a lot of food for thought and a good corrective to all the anti-Cuban stuff in the media, the interviews are fascinating and say a lot about the difficulties the country continues to face… very interesting in terms of Cuban ideas of grassroots democracy and the problems of running an economy with a blockade.”

Derek Wall – former Principal Speaker of the Green Party

‘This film was summed up by the quote ” I thought when i went to Cuba I could say if it was socialist or capitalist; having been I now say its a society trying to build socialism”. A very realistic appraisal of Cuba which has not airbrushed out the difficulties there.’

Steve Hedley, RMT London Transport Regional Organiser


Film summary:

Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism brings you voices from Cuba, a country fighting for social and economic justice, representing the aspirations of the poor and oppressed worldwide, building socialism in a capitalist world. The film demonstrates how vital Cuba is to the struggle for socialism in Britain and beyond. Featuring Cuban workers — including a lawyer, economist, teacher and farmer — this film explains how the Cuban people have set up their economy, constitution and social provision despite 50 years of imperialist attack, isolation and, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Special Period. Today it is a nation that not only provides its own people with world-class healthcare and education, but also sends medical assistance to every corner of the globe. Cuba is at the heart of the Latin American trade and cooperation bloc ALBA, which operates on the basis of solidarity and complementarity, not profit and exploitation. Cuba continues to build and deepen its socialist system and democracy despite the punitive US blockade and having to cope with the international capitalist crisis.

Meanwhile in Britain the political set-up makes a mockery of democracy: the working class is braced to pay for the economic crisis and Britain’s military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to claim thousands of civilian lives. Members of Rock around the Blockade who visited Cuba in 2009 in the wake of the global crisis, explain why they defend the socialist alternative offered by Cuba, socialism being the only system that can provide for the human race and preserve the environment in the long-term.

Production details:
Duration: 47 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Format: Colour, PAL
Produced by: RATB, 2010

See: www.ratb.org.uk and www.revolutionarycommunist.org

Inside Cuba 2 of 2 – BBC Our World Documentary, recorded 18.04.2010

I’m nostagic about Cuba and as such I’ve been collecting News Reports & Documentaries on the topic for some years now. Somehow surprizingly once they are edited together they don’t amount to much in quantity, but I hope their uniqueness and quality makes-up for it..

I begin my playlist with this remarkable documentary by none other than Matt Frei , for BBC “Our World”.
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Cuba Travel, Guardalavaca, Brisas Beach Hotel, 2010 Video

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This high definition Guardalvaca travel video was shot in Cuba in 2010. The video features images from the Guardalvaca area with a focus on the Brisas all inclusive beach resort. Shots of the Club Amigo Atlántico are all so included.

The video begins with a shot of palm trees on the beach near the Brisas hotel. Columbus once described this area as the most beautiful stretch of coast he’d ever seen. With shots of white sand beaches, verdant hills and turquoise reefs, most modern day visitors would agree.

According to divers we met at Guardalavaca, the diving here is better than at Varadero and is on par with Cayo Coco.

Although we visited in the off season, the Guardalvaca Brisas hotel was lively and entertaining. The price was very reasonable for an all inclusive stay.

The Brisas resort is located at the east end of the Guardalvaca beach. Walking west along a gorgeous ocean side trail we came to the Club Amigo Atlántico. Quieter then the Brisas, this all inclusive resort would be a good choice for a laid back holiday.

Continuing along the ocean walking path, we came to the public beach area. This stretch of beach is as nice as any beach we visited in Cuba and was a great place to meet the locals.

After our walk we headed back to the Brisas hotel for dinner. We had the choice of eating at the buffet, the bar or the patio restaurant. If you opt for the restaurant you should book ahead as it fills up in the evening.

After dinner, we took in the sunset at the beach and then headed to the lounge to hear a Cuban violinist. The guy could really play.

The next morning we hung around the pool and watched as the beautiful people played in and around the pool. We included shots of some really pretty girls as well as a shot of some buff looking guys. Don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Having stayed at the resort we highly recommend the Guardalavaca resort to our viewers and advise them to check out the all inclusive deals offered by Air Canada and other providers.

We finish with one last shot of the sunset from the beach and wished we’d stayed longer.

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When college/university students are united through beer funneling, poolside parties, human pyramids on the beach, resort lobby dancing, sun bathing, nightly clubbing, and drunken good times, you get Reading week 2010, in Palma Real Resort, Varadero Cuba 🙂

amazing resort, amazing vacation, amazing people!!!!!!!!!!!
I had the time of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cuba Travel, Varadero Cuba, 2010 Video, Hotel Beach Resort

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This high definition Varadero travel video was shot in Cuba in 2010. The video features images of Varadero hotels, beaches and all inclusive resorts.

The Blau Varadero hotel features prominently in the video and includes both exterior and interior shots of this first class resort.

Footage from other beach resorts include shots of restaurants, buffets, bars, as well as clips of water sports, including kite surfing and fishing.

Sunset clips of couples walking on the beach, as well as pretty girls running to and fro may well be the highlight for people who are planning an all inclusive Varadero vacation.

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