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Welcome back to Funston TV! Today, we are traveling to Cuba. Follow us around today as we head off the plane and travel to our resort (Iberostar Daiquiri) in Cayo Coco.

These were our first impressions on the airport, the country, the resort, the room, the food and the beach. Our stay and vacation got better, but these are our initial honest opinions. We will post another video of the remainder of the trip, so stay tuned 🙂

At first we were really disappointed in the resort, and especially the room. Our room was located right above the reception lobby, where a band plays every night. The room was old and not well insulated, and therefore was very noisy at night time. We later found out we would be able to switch rooms the following day, into the newer buildings.

We were also very disappointed that the Wi-Fi was so expensive (about 4.5 USD per hour) and only available in the lobby, where there were A LOT of mosquitoes. Also, you have to rent the safety deposit box in the room for 2 USD per day.

When we got to the beach, we were disappointed to see that it was not well maintained. There was algae everywhere and the sand bank was really short.

Lastly, the buffet was small and did not offer a lot of variety. When we arrived at about 8pm for dinner, the food seemed old, stale and not warm enough.

Things got better for us throughout the week, but we were not very impressed when we arrived.

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Coming soon to FUNSTON TV: More on our Cuba trip! Stay tuned 🙂

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In this short video I explain some of the unique aspects of visiting Cuba from getting around to getting a room.
The dual currency/economy makes even the simple task of changing money an interesting experience!
Due to food shortages Cuba isn’t exactly a great culinary destination. Compared to the rest of Central America it can be quite pricey for tourists. Be aware local wages can be as low as USD a month and as tourism provides such a great influx of cash, there are many tourist touts and rampant prostitution.

In the same way that tourists visit Detroit to photograph the ‘ruin porn’ Havana is quite visually stunning.
Most of the cars are big and bold American made pre-1960 models and the architecture features a stunning array of styles from colonial to neo-classic, art deco to art nouveau.
Unfortunately for the residents, many of the buildings are in dangerous states of disrepair. It is not uncommon to see people living in a house next to another house that has crumbled into rubble!

Cuba has been one of my favourite destinations, apart from being a photographers dream, I really liked the people. They were friendly and proud, honest and humorous.

I would suggest if people have been thinking of visiting Cuba, do it immediately. When American’s start visiting in huge numbers, it will change forever!

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