Part I: The Politics of U.S.-Cuban Exchanges

“U.S.-Cuban Academic Relations”

May 4, 2007

Wayne Smith, Center for International Policy and Louis Pérez, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

U.S. and Cuban scholars involved in academic, scientific, and cultural research face significant difficulties in maintaining open and thorough dialogue with each other due to restrictions governing travel between the two countries. Such exchanges, however, hold the potential for improved interpretations of our economic, cultural, and historical ties, and ultimately for improved political relations. The aim of this conference was to convene scholars, practitioners, and members of civil society in order to foster a broad, interdisciplinary discussion on the current conditions of U.S.-Cuban academic exchange, the challenges that new governmental restrictions pose to academic research agendas, and the manners by which scholars may engage in projects related to the history, economics, public policy, and culture of Cuba.

Sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies.

If you ever get to be in Miami AND would like to explore LATIN America (and I’m talking about USA here) feel free to visit Little Havana, La Pequeña Habana in Spanish, located just west of Downtown Miami.

Great ppl, always warm and friendly, lots of Cuban cuisine, delicious as well, a place where you can learn that you can easily have a different culture (more or less different), language maybe, maybe some different foods, music might be different (but very warm), dancing as well, but THAT does not make them less American, that’s the beauty of America: THE BEST MELTING POT IN THE WORLD.

YES, a lot of politics within this very hot subject, everybody knows that most of non-Cuban Hispanics do not like Cubans, mostly b/c of this very rule:,_dry_feet_policy

But those that hate Cuban-Americans always forget (or rather try not to acknowledge) the political system in Cuba for the past 50+ years, a country with NO POLITICAL FREEDOMS OF ANY KIND, where the CASTRO COMMUNIST GANG has been killing or at least imprisoning everybody who disagrees with their extreme views (yes I know, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Harry Belafonte and lots of other left-wing loons would strongly disagree with me), so that’s in Cuba ONLY, no such lack of political freedoms anywhere else in Central or South America, Mexico, Haiti or Dominican Republic included, personally I am strongly AGAINST lifting the Embargo until the good ppl of Cuba start enjoying the very same FREEDOMS we in the West have been doing for so many decades AND, sadly, take them for granted now.

Most of the Cuban-Americans vote Republican.

Some of my favorite Cuban-American politicians: Ted Cruz (he’s in fact Cuban-Canadian-American), Marco Rubio, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mario Diaz-Balart, just to name a few only.



Beginning of the video, some clips shot with my pocket camera while driving (slow driving speed of course), quality not so good, shaky left hand, paying attention to the road ahead, but rest of the video I think it’s pretty… cool.



Music recorded LIVE off SiriusXM satellite radio, Ch 150, Caliente.

Enjoy your FL vacation.


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