OFFLINE ( documentary about the lack of internet in Cuba)

“For a Cuba Online”

About the human right to information, and by extension the Internet access is “Offline”, last documentary independently realized with my team.

We sought to investigate during the creative process in the state of disconnectedness-misinformation that live most citizens in Cuba. A controversial state over the global and rampant development of information technology and communications.

From exploring the features of this phenomenon in my country, official review about historical discourse and dialogue with artists and intellectuals, recreate the “evolution” of the scrawny Cuban network.

For Offline we also consulted some of those who substantially use digital media to express their ideas within the island and Cubans in their usual travel on the streets.

So we formed an opinion document that relates subjective criteria needs on technological literacy and democratic access to information, rarely present in the national media.

In order to generate controversy we organized our alternatives (Switch on) in communities of interest, to our peril.

Could we with this project stimulate the transformation of the situation?

What principles underpin the urgency of a new order?

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