Inside JTF Guantanamo Camps 5 & 6 [Image 1 of 23]Cuba photos

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Inside JTF Guantanamo Camps 5 & 6 [Image 1 of 23]
cuban military
Guards from Camp 5 at Joint Task Force Guantanamo escort a detainee from his cell to a recreational facility within the camp.
Joint Task Force Guantanamo Public Affairs
Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Kilho Park
Date Taken:10.27.2011
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cuban military
Image by DGTX
La Habana Vieja, Cuba.

Carena KSM-1/Pentax 50mm f2.0
Kodak GC 400

Derelict Cuban Airliner at Pearls Airport
cuban military
Image by fakelvis
Grenada gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1974. In 1979, following three years of civil strife following an election claimed to be illegitimate by the opposition, a military revolution overthrew the government, suspended the constitution and ruled by decree.

The new government slowly moved toward communism, but the move was not fast enough for some. In 1983, hardline Marxist government members deposed (by coup d’état) and executed the Prime Minister.

The communist military government that resulted declared a four-day total curfew during which it said that anyone leaving their home without approval would be shot on sight.

Aligning closer with Cuba, Cuban workers were sent to help construct Pearls Airport.

This photos is part of my HDR Tour of Grenada.

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