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This video explains how to sponsor your Cuban spouse to live with you in Canada.

This video is an instructional video for Canadian permanent residents or citizens who wish to marry a Cuban citizen in Cuba. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as flying to Cuba and marrying a Cuban citizen; there is a specific legal process that must be followed so that your marriage will be deemed valid in Canada. If you follow the process correctly, you will be issued a Cuban marriage certificate and you and your spouse will be considered legally married both in Cuba and Canada.
What are the documents you must obtain in Canada?
For a Canadian-born person wishing to marry a Cuban in Cuba, you must first obtain certain documents while in Canada that prove your identity and marital status. The first document is your long-form birth certificate, which must be obtained from the province in which you were born. If you have been married before, you must also provide your marriage certificate, as well as proof of this marriage being dissolved, such as a divorce certificate. Immigroup can obtain any documents you need for an additional fee, or offer you advice on how to obtain them yourself. We will also provide you with a ‘Single Status Declaration’ that you must sign. This document, along with your birth and any other certificates, must all be notarized.
How do you get your documents authenticated by the Cuban authorities?
Immigroup can take care of all the work for you, which entails physically going down to the nearest Cuban consulate. We will get your documents translated and authenticated, something that must be done before you travel down to Cuba for your marriage.
What fees will you pay to the Cuban government?
The total fees that must be paid to the Cuban government depend on how many documents are submitted, and how quickly the documents need to be processed. Government fees generally range between 0-00 CDN, and Immigroup’s fees are 0. Processing timelines are approximately 3-4 weeks. The process can take longer if the particular Cuban consulate you are applying to is not very cooperative.
What do I do if I was not born in Canada, but want to marry and bring a Cuban to Canada?
If you were not born in Canada, your Cuban marriage process is more complex. The more uncooperative the Cuban authorities are in your home country, the more difficult and expensive the process will be. Government fees will generally run between 0 and 00, and Immigroup’s fees run between 0 and 00. The time it will take to authenticate and translate all of your documents will also depend on what country you were born in but you should expect the process to take at least 1-3 months.
If you were born in a country that does not have Cuban representation, such as the United States, Immigroup can help you authenticate and translate your documents at a Cuban consulate in Canada. Since the process is more complex, our fees start at 00 for this service.
When can you start the marriage process in Cuba?
Once the Cuban authorities have returned your translated and authenticated documents, you will have 6 months to get married before the validity of the documents expire. Unfortunately, if your documents expire you must begin the authentication process again. When you have your documents in order you may travel down to Cuba to begin the marriage process there.
What documents need to be obtained in Cuba?
Your future spouse in Cuba must also obtain the same documents, such as a birth certificate, but the process is much easier since they are Cuban and living in Cuba. The authorities that will perform your marriage will direct you to the appropriate office for your spouse to obtain their documents, a process that can be done in a day. The fee will be around 600-800 convertible pesos (which is pegged to the US dollar).
Getting married in Cuba
Once you have obtained all of the required documents for both yourself and your future spouse in Cuba, you can perform the wedding ceremony. You will receive your marriage certificate in a few days after your ceremony. The marriage certificate is legal proof of your marriage in Cuba. If you wish to sponsor your new spouse to Canada, this is one of many documents you will need.
When should I think about sponsorship?
We recommend that you get started on your sponsorship at the same time you begin the marriage process. Take advantage of your trip to Cuba by getting your spouse to sign all of the sponsorship forms then. Immigroup can take you through both the marriage and sponsorship process. Please call our office at 1-866-760-2623 to speak with a representative, or visit us online at
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