Hotel La Rusa in Baracoa Cuba

The Russian Magdalena Rovenskaya, of nobility and with a dance career in Paris, came in the twenties to Cuba and settled in 1930 in Baracoa. In 1953 she build the Hotel La Rusa ***, then called Miramar, on the Malecon in Baracoa. She was known as a benefactor and supported the Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara spent several times the night in hotel La Rusa. The hotel has retained its simplicity, and you can book room 203 if you want to see where Che Guevara slept. We drank delicious coffee on the terrace, overlooking the Malecon and the sea. Traffic on the Malecon mainly consisted of cyclists, horse and carriages and pedestrians.

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HOLGUIN 2015 CUBA GUARDALAVACA EAST BEACH CAMPOS: CARRIAGE DRIVERS VILLAGE Real Life in Cuba Documentary HD Photo Study # 6 of Cuban houses (casas de Cuba) via the Brisas Hotel & Club Amigo Atlantico– a Vacation “Video de Cuba” by Colin James McKinlay

My Cuba photo documentary tours speak to the warmth of these Cuban people who welcomed me into their homes

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Cuba, Speed boat adventure & snorkeling

Cuba, Speed boat adventure & snorkeling

Speed boat adventure & snorkeling in mangrove forest,
Cuba Cayo Coco, dec 2010
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Defying Fidel Castro’s warnings to stay away, Cuban exiles sailed a flotilla of boats into Cuban waters Thursday to the spot where 41 people died a year ago trying to flee the communist regime.

Survivors of that disaster said their ship was rammed by Cuban naval boats and that people were swept off the decks with water cannon.

The Cuban authorities denied responsibility for the loss of life and warned that anyone entering Cuban waters would be arrested.

Young Cuban Americans in Miami were remembering the 41 Cubans who died a year ago today (Thursday) trying to escape to what they hoped would be a better life in the United States.

The sinking of the “Trece de Mayo” amid accusations that the Cuban navy had allowed the victims to drown caused outrage among Cuban Americans.

A year later, a flotilla of boats set out to cast flowers into the sea at the spot where the ship went down.

The Cuban authorities have warned that any boats crossing into Cuban waters will be detained.

As the flotilla prepared to depart this morning one of the participants had this to say.


“We are going unarmed except that we have a very powerful weapon – it’s our human dignity.”
SUPER CAPTION: Gustavo Matas, flotilla participant

The flagship of the flotilla is “Democracia”. Her crew has vowed to penetrate deep into Cuba’s territorial water and lay a wreath at the approximate site of the tragedy, six miles off Havana.

The U-S State Department has enraged Cuban Americans by issuing a warning that American citizens entering Cuban waters would have to be prepared for the consequences of breaking Cuban law.


“But this is a pathetic, a pathetic statement by the United States State Department, in effect apologising for Castro, respecting oppression, because this is doing, respecting oppression, and as I said before, what this does, once again, is demonstrate once again that never has such a weak government been able to blackmail and paralyse such a strong country with so little effort and so little imagination.”
SUPER CAPTION: Representative Lincoln Diaz Balart

The flotilla is sailing ahead into uncharted waters – it is anyone’s guess now whether the Cuban authorities will escalate tensions by staging arrests or simply turn a blind eye to the unwelcome intrusion.

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Cuba Cras

american cars in cuba
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Brooklyn Artist Trains Pigeons to Smuggle Cuban Cigars | The New York Times

Duke Riley, a Brooklyn artist, trained 50 homing pigeons to fly from Havana, Cuba, to the Florida Keys carrying illicit cigars and cameras to record the journey.

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Brooklyn Artist Trains Pigeons to Smuggle Cuban Cigars

Hershey train departing from Casa Blanca station in Havana direction Matanzas. These units are former Granotas (frog, in catalonian) from FGC (Railways in charge of the government of the region of Catalonia, Spain).

Tren de Hershey partiendo de la estación de Casablanca en La Habana con dirección Matanzas. Estas unidades son ex Granotas (rana en catalán) de los FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, España)
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Carnival to Cruise to Cuba, With Lots of Strings Attached

Carnival to Cruise to Cuba, With Lots of Strings Attached
Effectively, the license holders — subject to compliance with other existing U.S., Cuban and international transportation requirements — may operate ferry, cruise or cargo service to and from Florida ports and Cuba for the first time in more than 50 …
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Transportation in Cuba, or the Hours of National Despair
Many are the debates that Cuba's public transportation has generated since the Special Period crisis, when it was at its worst (early/mid 1990's), and following the purchase of Yutong-brand buses from China some years back, which improved the situation …
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Carnival gets Cuban clearance for cruises from Miami, some observers say
While that's great news for Miami and Cuba, some Jacksonville observers are calling on local transportation and logistics officials to step up efforts to get more involved in plans to transport people to Cuba. “I'm very, very disappointed,” said Eric …
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Cuban Cars – Real vintage cars as seen in Cuba’s streets

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Cuban Cars – Real vintage cars as seen in Cuba ‘s streets

This movie shows the vintage cars of Cuba as seen on the streets with all its flaws and beauty.

Cuba is famous for its old cars and trucks, which can be seen in daily use throughout the country. For the first part of the 20th century, most new vehicles came to Cuba from the United States. The flow stopped in late 1959 when economic reforms by the then-new government of Fidel Castro prevented Cubans from buying cars on credit. A subsequent U.S. trade embargo, instituted in October 1960 in response to Cuba’s seizure of U.S.-owned properties, not only ensured that new vehicle exports would remain halted, but also denied Cuban motorists a direct source of replacement parts. As a result, Cubans became expert at adapting or fabricating parts to keep on the road cars that in other countries would long since have been recycled.Their pastel colours, tall fins and extensive chrome make them a favourite subject for tourist

The Soviet Union supplied the island with Volgas, Moskvich 1500s, Ladas and other Eastern Bloc cars, mainly for state use.

The Soviet Union also sent heavy trucks such as the ubiquitous ZIL and the rugged KrAZ. Cars also trickled in from Europe and, in later years, Asia. Since 2009, Cuba has imported sedans from Chinese automaker Geely to serve as police cars, taxis and rental vehicles.

As many as 60,000 American vehicles are in use on the island, nearly all in private hands. Pre-1960 vehicles remain the property of their original owners and descendants, and can be sold to other Cubans providing the proper traspaso certificate is in place. Such transactions can be difficult, but in 2010, reforms approved by a Communist Party congress were expected to legalize the sale between Cuban citizens of all cars, as well as real estate.

Of Cuba’s vintage American cars, many have been modified with newer engines, disc brakes and other parts, often scavenged
from Soviet cars, and most bear the marks of decades of use. Others, however, have been lovingly preserved in their original condition, and would be coveted by collectors in other countries. Apart from a brief period in the 1990s, however, the Castro government has forbidden the sale of Cuban vehicles to foreigners.

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Cuba for Americans Documentary – USA next travel destination – Movie of a Cuban holiday
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Cuba scuba diving – Sunken Army and underwater tombs – The thrill of diving in communist waters

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How not talk about these amazing old American cars? Leonardo Padura brings us to one of the car workshop of Havana. The secret for lasting so long!
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